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Neopets, Inc / Unfair and Tricky Practices

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I have used the Neopets site for over six years. While many consider it a site for children, there is a large number of adults from all walks of life. I am an college educated adult who was introduced to the site by a friend of mine who is also a college educated professional adult. I decided to create an account and I quickly realized that there was so much more to the site than she had showed me and I explored it. When premium became available I signed right up. After being on the site for about four years, I decided that I wanted a side account and four more pets (the maximum allowed on an account). I had a friend who wanted me to help her with a new guild. As a result I ended up using my new side account as my main account. I signed it up as a premium account and paid for it monthly. I kept the premium on my original account even though I was not using it for anything but to house my pets. After playing on the new main account for about a year, I fell for the very popular, login scam. This is a scam where someone creates a page that makes it look like you have suddenly been logged out and must log back in. You put in your username and password and then the thief has your information and locks you out of your account by changing your password. When this happened, I filed a report with TNT (The Neopets Team). I did not hear back from them for ten days. I tried doing a live chat with the premium team. I was informed that since I had already filed a report, I needed to let it be processed and get my account back that way. Finally I contacted a member of TNT that someone gave me an email address for. She responded and was very nice. She quickly restored my account with no problem. About eight months later, I decided to use my original main account and use my second account as it was intended, as a side account. I quit doing my dailies and any shopping over there and I started moving all of my items to my other account. Shortly after I started this process, I was suddenly unable to get into my account. I went to my email and I had an email from the hackers saying that they had my account and that if I wanted it back I would need to give them my pin number so they could steal all of my items and then they would give me my account back. Instead of replying to them, I reported it to TNT thinking they were the good guys and they would help help me. First I did the live chat but this time the man (same one as before) told me that there was nothing he could do for me and that I needed to fill out a report. Shortly after I reported it to them my account was frozen. Again I figured this was okay since it was for the protection of my account. Then comes the shocker. I receive an email from a member of TNT telling me that this is the second time I have managed to lose my information to someone so my account would not be returned. I thought surely they misunderstood. I did not do any of the things that their form letter said I did. I wrote her back and tried to explain that I did not give my information away. It was stolen. This made no difference at all. The member of TNT that I was dealing with was fairly insulting and told me that I clearly can not hold onto my account information and I am putting the site at risk. I called the number to speak to the premium office. I got the same guy who I had the two previous live chats with. He told me that premium and Neopets are completely separate and there is nothing that he can do for me except help me access my premium email account. This does no good since the only reason for having the email is to receive the special events (prizes) and scratchcards that are associated with the actual Neopets account. Trying to contact other members of TNT brought no response at all. I find it utterly ridiculous that the users are penalized for having their accounts stolen from them whether it be through the login scam or cookie grabbers or some other form of hack! I was quite upset to lose this account since I had invested not only lots of time and energy into this but quite a lot of REAL MONEY! I had participated in the use of the NC Mall which requires you to pay real money to get NC Cash with which you can then buy backgrounds and clothes items for customizing your pets. I bought just about every Neopet item you can imagine just so that I could put the codes in my computer and receive the code prizes. I have spent literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars on Neopets. Still I was not getting my side account back and all the money spent on it was down the drain. I canceled my premium on that account but I had to pay for the month since they had just billed me for it. I have attempted to move on and forget about that account and all I have lost, which has been really hard. Now the same thing has happened to me on my main account. It is a well documented fact that there are people on the site that create these programs that steal your cookies and thus allow that person access to your account. There are warning about it all over the Neopet help sites like jellyneo, sunnyneo, and dailyneopets, yet TNT will not admit that there is any problem and they claim that all these people that are getting frozen left and right are giving their info away in some cheating scam. My account that I have had for over six years is now frozen and I all I get is a form letter telling me I cheated in one of three ways. To top it off the member of TNT that I am dealing with is the very same person who was so insulting and rude and took my side account away from me. She has not responded to any of my questions or emails in a week now. I have never before dealt with such poor customer service. There is a total disregard for the fact that I have been a long time loyal paying customer or for the fact that I did not break any rules in any way shape or form. It almost seems like they want for me to leave. I also think it is perfectly criminal the way the take away your ability to use their service that you have paid for, and claim to be unable to refund any money for the service you are not getting. It seems exceptionally tricky and fraudulent for the people you pay to be unable to assist you with any aspect of the service you pay for. There should be a customer service representative that you can reach and deal with all aspects of your paying account. I am very disappointed with the whole situation with Neopets and would advise those who have not started to steer clear whether you are an adult or a child.

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      21st of Aug, 2009
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    I have had the same thing happen to me after 4 years on the site. I NEVER did anything they accused me of either. There was no refund and trying to get any respectful customer service out of them was and still is a pure joke. I honestly do not understand why people continue to spend their real money, especially in the current state of the economy, on a site that is known to continually behave and/or treat their paying customers with such disregard and lack of respect. I will never give this site/company another penny of my hard earned money again and people who do must not have any moral standards to stand up to a company that scams people in this way or they just have SO much money that they can afford to just throw it away on nothing. All I can say is when it happens to them...then they will is just sad that it has to be that way. If people would stand together against this kind of stuff...these kind of companies would reconsider their policies and eventually learn to treat especially their paying customers better. This site is supposed to be fun but after spending a VERY long time on the site to build my account over a 4 year period, the fact that they can just take it away and for NO reason disturbed me and made me realize rl was hard enough I did not need to put so much into something that could hurt me in every way (emotionally, financially and physically because the stress from it all made me sick) Have a great day!

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      31st of Aug, 2009
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    I am a mom of 4 and have been playing Neo for roughly 6 years. I too have spent hundreds of dollars on this account with the premium membership and plushies, cash cards, you name it I bought it. What sickens me the most is my account was frozen at first for inactive use/ easy to guess password(since my password is 14 letters/numbers I find that hard to believe). So after filling out all the correct info and sending back the form my account was returned to me 12 hours later. I went in and changed my pin number and my password. 1 week later I was frozen again due to using a offsite/fake login page. I filled out the forms again gave them the name of the TNT staff that originally froze me and all the info was filled out again.Then when I went back to my look-up it stated I was frozen for suspicious activity. I was so angry. I wrote my final letter to TNT stating how it was unfair to freeze accounts of PAYING customers. Would a PAYING customer cheat? I stated I am a mom of 4 and 3 of my kids have their own accounts and that they could verify that we don't play on each others accounts by simply looking at avatars. points, items and so fourth.I stated it was also WRONG for them to not have a customer rep to talk to. I stated how they have a # for premium paying people but you call that number and if its not about collecting more of your money they redirect you to the site and fill out more forms. Plus they are RUDE and IGNORANT people that work there. I had a gallery worth of 200 million points and over 130 million points in the bank. I stated that I was a restocker and restocked in shops but was mostly inactive due to my children being home for the summer. I stated that my children and I play on other games sites and have never once gotten a warning or account frozen and I also pay for some other sites membership. I am just so sickened by this whole thing all the hard work and money put into this and not even have the common courtesy to show a customer proof of what they are being accoused of is just wrong. I told them that should should have it stating that HEY after we have you totally hooked on our site and you work your butt off...Its a good chance you will be frozen and nope you won't get any money back and all the hard work of playing on this site will be wasted...I am sure you wouldn't get that many paying customers.

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      9th of Mar, 2011
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    So sorry to hear of this bs and cruelness, I have been abused also and wound up finding
    Been with them for a year and a half and so far I have been treated like a person not number.
    They are also a lot more relaxed with rules etc.
    To hell with tnt.

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