Nedbankservice at nicolway branch really pathetic

Went to the branch at nicolway was assisted by amanda who was extremely rude, unfriendly and has an equaly stinking attitude. A transaction went off on my account and I did not receive a notification. On asking why this is so she said I would probably receive it later in the day. The reason I have notifications surely is to alert me of all transactions when they transpire, what happens if there is a fraudulent transaction on my acc and im not alerted I asked her. Her response in her words" then you stand to run a loss 😳and so will the bank" seriously?!! As an employee of yhe bank surely it should be in her best interest to prevent this from happening, no?

Asked to see the manager, as I was having other issues, I left the branch more than 20minutes later and I had still not seen the manager.


Feb 02, 2017

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