Nedbank, Namibia, Walvis Bay / nedbank not transparent in their dealings

Walvis Bay, Namibia

Dear Sir

I hope you will be able to help me or point me in the
right direction.

I was a client of Nedbank Walvis Bay in Namibia from
2012 to 2014.

During this
time, and currently, the bank has not been transparent in its dealings with me.
I have been victimised, misled and treated unfairly, not being afforded basic
rights as copies of loan agreements etc.

There are a
number of issues I have with Nedbank’s dealings, which are stipulated below:

Issue 1

Personal Loan

I was
contacted by the bank with exciting news that my husband has bought me a “gift”
and that I needed to visit the branch to sign for this “gift”. Upon my
arrival I was told that my husband bought me a car and I was naturally very
excited. Personal Banker Debbie Augustus then presented a stack of papers which
I had to sign and initial for receipt of the car. Later that afternoon the car
was delivered at my house with the registration papers and I proceeded to
license the vehicle. Only months later I was told by my estranged husband that
the papers I signed were indeed for a personal loan against my name – value
unknown to me. I was misled to believe that a personal loan in my name was a
gift. At no point did Nedbank explain the terms & conditions of the
agreement, my obligations, the amount loaned and the amount payable per month,
the duration of the loan, or was I supplied with any basic information. I was
not asked to supply supporting documentation, proof of income or expenses as is
the norm. I received no correspondence regarding the loan, statements or a copy
of the loan agreement. A request for a copy was refused (have all e-mail correspondence). I was completely mislead, am being refused access to the terms of the loan
and as a housewife with no income, placed in a financial mess it will take me
years to recover from.

Issue 2


subsequently threatened to open a case of theft against me (have all e-mail correspondence) involving Interpol which will end in my arrest. I was casually cc’d by
Nedbank in an email to my estranged husband without any previous formal
correspondence and being denied access to the “so said” loan agreement which
will allow me to establish what my rights and responsibilities are. The bank
further states that they will attach the vehicle – which I hold the original
registration papers to, in my name – and bringing it back to Walvis Bay.

Issue 3

Access to my
daughter’s account and movement of funds from it without my authorisation

On Monday, 3
February I received an email from Nedbank (have email correspondence) advising
me to close my cheque account at the bank as it has been accumulating bank
costs and no funds are being moved through the account. I took Nedbank’s advice
and gave permission. The next day, Tuesday 4 February, I was cc’d in an email
to my estranged husband informing us that an investment in my daughter’s name,
we co-signed, is becoming available the next day and that the funds –
according to the original agreement – will be paid into her savings account. Please note that my estranged husband is not my daughter’s
biological father and that I am her only legal guardian. Also, my estranged
husband does not hold signing rights on my daughter’s savings account, only I
do. With the bank’s “well timed” advice, I have just closed my account and was
therefore unable to access my daughter’s savings account via internet banking
and transfer her funds. On Thursday, 6 February I was cc’d in an email to my
estranged husband in which the bank – on his request – removed the funds from
my daughter’s saving account and re-invested it without my knowledge or prior
consent. As I am the only one having legal rights to the account, no moneys
should be withdrawn or re-invested without my instruction. The entire process
within the three day period was orchestrated and planned in such a way to
ensure my daughter’s money will not be accessible to her or me.

Issue 4

of property

My estranged
husband and I bought a house through a home loan with Nedbank. We were told
that according to Namibian law we are married in community of property and
therefore we both have to sign the loan agreement, which we did.

Once again,
I have requested a copy of this agreement which I co-signed, and was refused
one (attached Issue 1).

Later, during
2013, my estranged husband applied for yet another loan for the purchase of a
guest house. I was contacted by the bank telephonically regarding this loan,
and clearly stated that our financial situation does not validate yet another
loan, and that I am therefore not contemplating the purchase of yet another
property. The bank, nevertheless, proceeded with the loan and the purchase was
made without my consent or approval thereof, but yet my objections
were ignored with no regard from Nedbank. I have also, up to date, been denied
a copy of the original home loan I co-signed.


My details -
Jacqueline Margaret Liebenberg, I.D. [protected] 6 (copy attached) Nedbank
Walvis Bay Cheque Account Number: [protected]

My daughter
– Dakota Anne van Vuuren, I.D. [protected] 4 Nedbank Walvis Bay Savings
Account Number: [protected]

I am feeling
quite desperate at this point in time, and hope that you will be able to assist
me in addressing the matters above as Nedbank still contact me and still I have not to date received any contract or information regarding the deal of the Hummer. And now are even asked for photo's of myself.

Should you
need any further information, or to supply feedback on the process of my
complaint, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Mariette Liebenberg


Sep 03, 2014

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