Nedbankinvestment withdrawal

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On 8/05/2017 I have phoned the Nedbank Ermelo branch with my inquiry. My inquiries is: I have an investment (Nedbank Green Savings Bond) and it has been invested for 60 months and has been invested on the 6/07/2015. I want to withdraw my investment and would like to know what is the penalty because according to me and the contract i have I can make an early withdrawal with an penalty that would be taken by the bank. Want to talk to someone where the consultant told me I must phone the Investment department. So she gave me the number and I phoned. I have explained everything again to the investment department consultant and where the outcome was I have to go to the branch it is not a matter she can help me with over the phone. Now, I am already getting upset because I have spoken to my branch and they said I must phone the investment department and now i am directed back to my branch. So on the 09/05/2017 around 13:10 I am at our branch. At the help desk where they must direct you to where you must go I shortly said my case was about my investment and I want to withdraw it and want to know the penalty. The consultant at the help desk said that they person working with investments are on lunch, and sat back in her chair, so if she is done with me. So I told her sorry, please find me someone to help me because this is the only time I can come into the branch. So she starts looking. Then after n few minutes the financial assistant came down to help me. So I explained my whole story again. So she took my contract and went to get an answer while I am waiting (again) After 10 minutes she ask if I called the investment department and I said yes i did before I came into the branch. So she took a walk again and came back and said I must go to inquiries. Told the consultant at the help desk she must know it to advice me to the inquiries desk at took a ticket (E026 Time: 13:20). She told the consultant there to help. So the consultant didn't help me next. I asked her after she had helped other clients because of the time on the ticket. I told her that I was there before them but there help desk didn't know how to assist me, so then she helped me. So I explained my situation to her. She said I must give a written letter why I need my money and fill in a form. So I took the form with me to work because my lunch was over. I completed the form and a letter. Took off at work to take it to her. She also took time to figure out what is the penalty and what must I do and asked a consultant next to her for advise. Never mind asking for advice but isn't she suppose to know? She send all the documents away. I stated on my letter that I am in an financial crises meaning problems and need my money to fix the financial problems. And said the person handling it on the other side can call me for more details. So today 10/05/201 she phoned me saying she got feed back that my reason for financial problems are not a good enough reason to withdraw my money. So I explained I am pregnant and need to pay as many debt I can now and to provide for my 3 months maternity leave where I will not receive my salary. She said that I must prove that I am pregnant and that I will not receive my salary. I asked my boss to write a letter confirming my leave and he will not pay me. I also rewrite a letter. I feel it is getting personal now and the bank has no need to know all my personal life happenings and debt for getting MY money. I feel it is my money and can get it. I did give a reason and fill in the form as required. Now I am still waiting to know if I can get my money and if my reason is acceptable. Then agter resending letters from my boss and so. It has been approved. When I called where is my money. They said investment was in my maidens name. I showed them contract was signed in my marraid surname. So went to the branch to change surname again. Netbank never updated there sistem. Asked inquiries will there be anyting else and she said no. So in 24 hours I will get my money. Got a approves email on Thursday 11/05/2017 it has been approved. On saterday she called me that my signature is incorrect. Must come in again. So still no money after email. Did my side. Consultant has an attitude towards me because I show pn nedbanks fault and hers. She got the email friday the 12/05/2017 but did not notice it till saterday. Told her not my probleme she must have called me! It is my money not the banks. And they seemed not to care. Why must I fight so hard just to get my money? So I need my money for maternity leave to pay the bills and can't provide because nedbank still has my money. Did send mail to helo peter but the response is just that the complaint has been handed to Nedbank. So how must I still be happy at Nedbank? Poor service, consultants with attitude and a sistem that doesn't work. Only words no action. Im changing to another branch for sure.

May 13, 2017

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