Nedbank / homeloan

South Africa

I hold a joint homeloan with my spouse. When she went for a maternity leave we made an arrangement with the bank to pay 50% of the normal instalment. All the required documents were submitted. This was done in january 2012.In april 2012 we then received a call from nedbank informing us that our account is in arrears of r21000, as we have not paid, or have paid 50%.In three months. We have tried to explain the circumstances that lead to making a payment arrangement. They agree that they can see the application, however it was not approved. We were only informed about this only in april. We have tried to contact the person who assisted us but we are unable to go through the number. We are now informed that we have six months to settle the arrears. This period and the repayment amount is unaffordable and we are told that this is not negotiable. Please advise. Bongani manganye

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