Nedbankhelplessness from the bank if you are out for the country

I'm Mr. Immelman I have an Nedbank account for long. I'm working now in Africa. I cannot draw money at any Atms or when I can my limit is so min. That I cannot do anything. I was stranded on an airport in Togo where I had to ask poeple for help as I could not draw any money out of my account and there were more than R70000, 00 in my account I even contacted the custumer care number they put me on hold and by the time they come back to me my pre paid money on my phone is finnish. Then I go and buy more units for my phone and still they let me wait with no help. I phoned my wife in SA and even she could not been helped. This was so imbarising for me as a long time client from Nedbank. I'm going to place this in all the news papers in SA when I'm back next week and I'm going to close my acount with Nedbank. I know you will not respons nor contact me after you read this. This bank had failed me in need.
Hope to hear from you

Nov 09, 2017

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