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On the 1 July 2016 I resaved a SMS from Ned bank that a amount of R5400 was debited from my account. I went to the bank to enquire about the debt and after checking the clerk told me that it was a credit card deduction. I contacted card division and they told me that the account was handed over to the Attorneys' I spoke to a lady by the name of Jenna from Bezuidenhout and Van Zyl Attorneys and she mentioned that they cannot refund me because I have not made arrangements to pay my card, I accepted it but cannot under stand what gives them the right to deduct half of a mans salary and get away with it its not right my family must suffer if they can take money from you account with out asking what else can they do just how safe is you money at Ned bank .On the 2 August 2016 I resaved an SMS for a debt of R5709 after arranging with the Attorneys' I again contacted the card division and they directed me to the Attorneys I called them 3 times from the branch Managers office and every time someone picks up the phone tell you to hold and the phone never gets answered. Again the bank takes half of my salary. I spoke to a consultant He told me that the bank is allowed to do so because there is a claws in you contract when accepting the terms of the credit card. I think its bull and something needs to done about this I know, I an not the first person this has happened to and will not be the last. Pleas do not trust Ned bank with you money because if they can take you money with out you permission they can do anything. I do not intend to just give up if I do not resaved an response I will consult the news papers and will also go as far a Cart Blanch. I had some financial problems and could not pay my account but my intentions was there to pay as soon as I recovered form my financial problems. Pleas Help. [protected]

Aug 02, 2016
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      Aug 02, 2016

    "He told me that the bank is allowed to do so because there is a claws in you contract" The word is clause not claws.
    " I think its bull "
    Doesn't matter what you think. You signed a contract.
    The only thing you can do now is stop depositing your pay into the account. They will keep taking it out until the card is paid off.

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