NCBsomebody tried to access my account (info to ncb)

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I need to raise my complain not to NCB but to the people tried to pretend as the employees of NCB.

They tried to access my NCB online banking account and even have telephone conversation with me. I will elevate this concern to you for you to be aware that these telephone numbers [protected] and [protected] doing fraud. Please be aware about these two (2) numbers

Sep 17, 2018
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  • Qa
      Jan 05, 2019
    The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Updating my account
    Alkhwateer street near nahdi supermarkets hamdaiya
    Jeddah hamdaiya
    Saudi Arabia

    My name is QAYYUM KHAN i am account holder in NCB Bank Yesterday I am coming to the NCB Bank because my account want to update but service provider is very slow work and not prepar talk with me . Today I will come to Bank but same situation

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  • No
      Apr 07, 2019
    The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Transfer issue
    Saudi Arabia

    I transferred an amount to Pakistan on Thursday but it has not been received till yet. What sort of service is this ?

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  • As
      Jun 05, 2019
    The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - sir my iqama expire but am deposite money on my atm card is block 5100 riyal with plz help me
    bader mahndi al mohsan
    Saudi Arabia

    Am muhammad Asim muhammad siddiuqe

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  • Ga
      Jun 23, 2019
    The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Not received money
    Drop Al zajira company diriyah riyadh
    Saudi Arabia

    I am Gautam Prasad date 3/6/2019 send money amount 500.00 SR. India NOT received amount please cencile delivery return amount my alahli ACOUNT id [protected], mo [protected], Qpay828191542246.

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  • As
      Jun 27, 2019

    I am Simiyone Anthony NCB customer. Date on 27.06.2019 some one called from IMO NCB and [protected], they told me we are from RIYADH NCB technical department and we want help your account updating and asked my password, ATM number and iqama number, i don't now this is fake number i informed my details after i got message from Alahli 4 digi number they asked this number it was going 10 time after i got doubt and i went nearest NCB branch (Makkah - Nuwariya) . they told this is fake call next time don't answered and don't give the details. but they tried to take my money, God great they they can't take my money. please take action this type of faker through cyber crime.

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  • Vi
      Jul 03, 2019

    sir, two months before 21/5/2019- somebody hake my account they are theft my money 3765/- riyals. then i go to near my branch abha asser i complaint it. they are change my mobile number and password aslo.breanch officer say me your account is safe . then today 3/7/2019- again hake my account they are taken 2870/- riyals. can you findout my money?? or otherwise bank given my money?? because NCB BANK is responsible my money..please help me.

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  • Gl
      Jul 07, 2019
    The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Withdraw money,but the money did not come out from atm

    We tried to withdraw money from atm at the mall, when we confirmed the amount, the machine just suddenly shuts down and when it restarted, my card was taken and the amount was deducted from my account without taking the money.. i tried to call the ncb customer service but is unable to contact it..

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  • Mo
      Jul 14, 2019
    The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Ncb Quick pay Account freeze. I can not transfer money
    Saudi Arabia

    Dear sir I have an quick pay account in ncb Bank and I activated my phone banking also right now I am in my auual vacation and I can not transfer my money in my India account as per my colligue he visited ncb quick pay centre the account has been hold due to signature update kindly advice how can I transfer my money in my India account.

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  • Mo
      Jul 28, 2019
    The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Online purchase
    Saudi Arabia

    Yesterday someone got my credit card information and use it & make a transition for 400 us dollars please cancel it and refunds it i will be thankful to you

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  • Md
      Aug 01, 2019
    The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - fund transfer
    Saudi Arabia

    Dear sir,
    Please see the attached file, This transaction POS PURCHASE INTERNATIONAL cerebellargeniu [protected] ****..., I don't know about this. Please refund amount SAR -213.10

    Md. Liyakat Hossain
    Iqama #. [protected]
    A/C# [protected]

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  • Al
      Aug 10, 2019
    The National Commercial Bank [NCB] - Service
    Sakaka al jouf quickpay
    Saudi Arabia

    I have been a quick Pay customer for 5 years
    i went to quickpay sakaka branch today for updates my quick pay atm card but I had to put aside all my work and sit for hoursThere are only two officers here and we do what customers do please solve this problem
    Thanks your faithfully

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