NCB Management Servicesmight be a scam!

I have never heard of NCB Management. Last three days I have been getting these phone calls on my cell from this odd [protected] number. Thankfully I have City ID on my phone and it says it's coming from Bensalem, PA. So this women keeps calling me buy the name of (Shannon).. She don't never tell me who she is with or what she is calling me for. All she says is that it is urgent. But what I dont get, is she calls from this 215 number. But she wants me to dial some 1-800 number. But what pissed me off the most. Is that I wanna know how the **** she got my grandparents home phone number. She has the guts to call my grandparents and tell them I left there number as a reference!!! Are you kidding me?? . I'm not paying you ****. Has anyone else had this problem before???

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