Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / auto insurance

Columbus, OH, United States

I cancelled the policy before it the coverage started, shortly after I got it. I have been calling about the status of my refund for weeks, and every person I speak with gives me a different answer on when they will process the refund and how long till the money is reinstated into my account. I have been assured by 3 different people that it has in fact been cleared and been given a date on when I should see it reflected in my account. Day comes and nothing. I've file a complaint with corporate and informed then I was also filing a complaint against the company on the State. The same person who told me it would take an aditional 16 business days according to company policy, sudenly found a way to release my refund the same day, and to expect my money within 24 hours. I was then called with an apology regarding the poor customer service and assured me she would informed each of the individuals supervisors regarding their poor service, which I call straight up lying and deniying service. I asked for proof, she told me she could only provide and emai detailing the actions she took. I called again to check, since Ive been lied every step of the way, only to be told my refund is on hold.

Sep 26, 2017

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