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Nationwide is a JOKE! They are do not have their information straigt and their customer service is horrible! I went through a third party (Hannigan Insurance) that set me up with Nationwide. I was quoted $100 less than what I ended up paying per month! My mother passed away and I had to go up north for my father, he had a heart Cath done, I was 2 days late on my payment! They cancelled me! I called Hannigan who sent me to Nationwide direct, I spoke with a man named Stuart who told me that it was a mistake and they had just merged with another company and everything was arye! He assured me everything was fine and to call Hannigan back and let them know to submit the paperwork to reinstate and all would be good! This was on October 31st, I NEVER heard back from Stuart even though he had given me is email address if I needed more help, and I emailed him twice as I did not hear back from Hannigan...I ended up receiving an email from Hannigan on 11/4!!! Thank God I was smart enough to go back to my prior insurance carrier State Farm, even though a little more is worth it not to deal with these crooks! I just received 2 seperate collections notices from CCS both for different amounts! Nationwide sent me to collections for something, not sure what but for over a thousand dollars! I do not owe Nationwide anything!! Nationwide should really get their $#@! together as they are in enough trouble. I would never ever recommend anyone use this company for anything!!!

Jan 08, 2017

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