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ADP / complaint about discrimination

kesha1 on May 16, 2017
Hello my name is Kesha and I contacted Adp to find out information on how to obtain benefits and coverage for 100 employees. The representative Kara gabrielli-sarkis made several condensing remarks and assumed that my business was not successful enough to have that many employees. I have a...

ADP / Payroll

AndreaMUrio on May 5, 2017
Just awful. They try to argue that they protect and care about small businesses when in fact the don't. We launched our company 1 year ago and they sold us hard. We made the decision to go with ADP, since as a new start up we didn't want to have to worry about payroll and rather pay a...

ADP / Payroll and online recruiting

phone new on Apr 4, 2017
Last year when I worked for a company they messed my paycheck up almost every time! Lucky boss would fix with personal checks and 3 way calls. I was considering suing them for harassment and grand theft. Now I'm trying to get a job in a new state and the on-line application waits for 13...

ADP / hr business partner

Foreverlove21 on Feb 12, 2017
I am writing to issue and complaint on your HR business partner- Jessica Wu. She is incompetent and unethical. Last week, I was told to contact her regarding an confidential issue I had and all she did was ignore my issue and dismiss me. Jessica rudely told me she would look in my issue, but...

ADP / Health savings account

Complainant5785435435 on Oct 18, 2016
I have $2168 in my health savings account and have verified every transaction from this year. My card did not work yesterday, so I called. Spent an hour on the phone only to have them tell me everything with my account and my card is fine. They don't know what's wrong. They will...

ADP / repeated wrong number calls, failure to update records with correct info

R. Patterson on May 22, 2016
I receive multiple calls some days & often multiple calls a week on a wrong number from ADP - this has been going on for a year! I call ADP & tell them & they can't find my number in the system. I listen to their message & am able to report to ADP who they think they are calling & they say...

ADP / Flexible spending health care plan - flex spend debit/credit card

Reviewer71858 on Jan 31, 2016
Card never works. Can't use it to swipe at the doctor's office for a co-pay which is somewhat embarrassing as it appears as a declined credit card. Can't use it to buy a train ticket. Unable to use it to re-fill my metro card. Have made half a dozen calls to customer service...

ADP / Cobra

Reviewer27860 on Jan 8, 2016
I sadly got ill and had to stop working. From the start ADP tried their best to block me from signing up. They even went as far as to tell me that they didn't receive my payment that was until I showed them a letter from the bank. They are amoral and unethical. I just received a renewal...

ADP / Flexible Spending account

Reviewer57929 on Jan 6, 2016
Where to begin? They provide a card for swiping, but then "review" every charge and require me to send in a receipt anyway. I am now on the phone with them and have been holding for over an hour. I need information about my account and the website tells me it cannot verify me. This ha...

ADP Flex Direct / Flexible spending account

Reviewer89792 on Dec 13, 2015
Horrible customer service. Biggest pain in my a** in my life . I signed up for this service through my employer to save a few $$$ - but trust me - for all the hassle and hell they put you through, it's absolutely NOT WORTH IT. Can seem to use my card for any purchases (despite their...

ADP / TotalPay Debit Card - They will not give me my money!

Reviewer48927 on Nov 30, 2015
These guys are theives. I had my paycheck deposited to only find out the card was put on hold due to an "upgrade" and identity verification. I live paycheck to paycheck as it is so I stupidly sent them my drivers license ( only to have toner fax becaus it was supposedly to dark) my...

ADP / Wage garnishment

Reviewer99105 on Nov 15, 2015
Received a garnishment on my check tried to go on line but asked for a case #never received a copy of the garnishment until a week after it came out of my check not able to talk to anyone on the weekend so had to wait till Monday to find out anything this garnishment happen again last year...

ADP / FSA Card

L Dixon on Nov 4, 2015
These people are unbelievable! I have submitted the receipt from my dentist office 2 times now and each time I call to verify, the person says they have what they need, but then they turn my card off. No one seems to take ownership, and it seems like 50 people can say no, but no one can...

ADP Flex Direct / They will not pay me my monyey

Reviewer80234 on Sep 30, 2015
I signed up through my employer for the ADP FSA Dependent care account. My first complaint is I had a check issued 7/2015 for $430.00 I requested a stop pay/reissue because I never received nor cashed the check. It has been two weeks and I still have not received the “lost check form” all...

ADP Total Pay Card / allowing others to access our money

Naomi Glidden on Jul 17, 2015
My husband and and i both have adp total pay card... This past monday after a long, hot, hard day at work... Hubby wanted to do something for us, his family...He went and checked both our cards...We were in shock when we got to his card...$1800 had been removed and put into another...

ADP Total Pay Card / They have $300. 00 of mine and don't know where it is and do not care

daschultzy on Jan 31, 2015
I had an acct. With adp total pay card through my job. I had a need to transfer money from this card to another card because i needed to make a purchase that the other card was affiliated to my paypal ebay purchases. It was dec. 6th when i did this. I called and asked them when i could...

ADP Research Inc / They sent me fake check and my account was closed

Andrews on Jan 8, 2015
I worked for the company ADP Research Inc. I was so disappointed, ‘coz they provided the check and I deposited it, but the rep from the bank told me that the check was bad. They told me that my account would be closed due to this check. I tried to reach someone from this company, but...

Adp total card / Pay card acess dinied

Butterflykissezz on Nov 2, 2014
I have been calling adp from last year asking them to activate my card that i used back last year during summer when i worked for the ymca, now im back in south africa been trying to activate it since last august but they asked me to send them some copies of my social security card and...

ADP Total Pay Card / Holding funds

Tammie Gamez on Oct 17, 2014
It seems that adp has major problems with their system. This is the third time in one month that the system went down. I am stuck away from home with no gas in a parking lot waiting for the system to go back up. I can see why it is so cheap for employers to use this company to load pay...

ADP Total Pay Card / Closed account without my knowledge

SarahRS on Apr 30, 2014
I'm not a happy camper. I work for a company on a seasonal basis, and have had the ADP Total Pay card for deposits for the last few years to keep funds separate from my regular checking. Stupid, I know. This year, ADP decided since I hadn't used the card in a few months, they...

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