Nationstar Mortgage / refinance 619063, Texas, United States
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Twice within a year or 2 I tried to refinance my 8&5/8% . Each time it was because they sent letters saying they wanted to refinance # [protected] (20918 westgreen ct. Tex. 77450), but both times decided, though lease was prove in place, rejected because I didn't satisfy their criteria of money in the bank. For over 15 years I had paid early or on time, but disrespected my loyalty. My real complaint is the enormous amount of time (@ least 3 months each) & all the documentation I paid to have faxed each time, just to be told they looked over & only could comply if I'd deposit a home equity in the amount of $6000., Knowing I have a home equity good for $28, 200. I wasted time & money on an excellent pay history . And each time I had to contact them to find they were rejecting a refinance to lower the existing . Never did they make acceptable contact. Then I get another offer to refinance!?!?

Feb 16, 2016

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