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Nationstar Mortgage / liars/cheats/crooks

1 OREGON, United States Review updated:

To anyone who is having issues with Nationstar Mortgage or by the above DBA-Names above, please contact me. I'm sure all of our stories are the same. This company is BAD. I've got my State Congressman and his office involved. I've got Nationstar Department Head's email addresses/phone numbers and all contact info. I have advice to all of you on what to do. Draft letters and send them. We are fighting them and won't give up.

1 year and 2 months now we have been in modification hell. Flagstar sold us out in our last month of the trial. Its been almost one year with Nationstar, then they pulled the paperwork, no this, no that, etc. and then came the foreclosure notice...that was a few weeks ago. The story is changing now, since I've sent out the letters and got my congressman involved, now Nationstar is calling us! Yes, we actually have a Rep, with a real phone number and a real email address! Amazing, I know. But what we did seemed to work. I would like to try and help all of you.

I have too much info to tell you in this board's format, so please email me if you would like my "free" advice on what we are doing. Perhaps if we all do the same thing they won't get away with it.

We've actually seen some movement in our dealings with them since I contacted some State Reps and Head's of Fannie Mae. We'll wait and see, of course, it can change overnight with Nationstar. However, I do think that I've got some tactics that may help some of you. You also need to send Nationstar a QWR letter. Be careful though, it needs to be worded CORRECT or they don't have to respond to it. There are some key words you need to include in order for it to legally stand up in court. You also send a CC to everyone on my list of names. I'll give you all copies of what I have and you can fill in your name/etc. and send out your own.

It's a start, and it does get their attention. Let's GANG UP ON THESE JERKS! Stand up and fight people! Or they WILL Take your home.

Next steps to follow...via email.

my email is:

Feel free to contact me if you like. - don't worry, i'm not a weirdo and I'm not selling anything. I'm just sick of Nationstar's crap and I need more support to fight them.

Not Going Down In Oregon!

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  • Re
      3rd of Feb, 2016
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    cant never get an answer, terrible company stay away from.

  • La
      1st of Jul, 2016
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    I make payments online through my banking institution, but Nation Star doesn't post the correct/entire amount. I keep being charged late fees though I'm paying on time, and my payment amount keeps fluctuating (up and down) and then the rest of my payments used towards the fees they continue to charge me. Smh

  • Ed
      4th of Dec, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Lakisha Stewart Nationstar is a loan server they only service the loan for investors who own the loan that's why if they can keep you from making your payments on time or lose them then they can start charging fees by law to make your life miserable and force you to go in default only to steal your equity and your home. Get a local mortgage company and get new loan or you will be in trouble all the time with this company. I know because I had a home I owed $80, 000 on loan and it was worth $165, 000 and Nationstar would not help me to save it. No modification help which took a year to drag it as long as they can to collect inspection fees, phone call fees, late fees and forclosure cost and on and on till you have no equity you can get out of your home it. They are crooks that's how they make money stealing it from you.

  • Tu
      2nd of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    I recently had my mortgage transferred over to "Mr Cooper" AKA Nationstar and transferred $50, 000 from my credit union to them. The amount shows as being reflected in the Mr Cooper account but also shows a 50k balance in my credit union account which I think is strange. This may just be a technical error, but I want to protect myself.

  • Na
      8th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes

    We lost our home to nationstar in 2015, every month they screw with my credit report. they took our house, sold in in june 2015 and reported today, that the account is open again, (5th time in the last 9 months) saying I some how made a 300 payment and missed dec 2018 payment and owe over 25, 000 to them. a. why would I make a payment on a home I haven't owned since 2015, and the account has been closed with 0 balance, now showing over 25, 000 owed. when I disputed it with experian, I was told by nationstar to drop my dispute or they wouldn't fix anything, then I was told "they don't report to the credit agencies, that the credit agencies are the ones changing the reports ([censored]) I have also been told if I keep disputing things on my report about them, they would change my credit as often as they like, so it never comes off my credit report. this is [censored], and its stressing me out in a bad way. they also claim we missed 22 payments from 2013-2015, to which I sent them the cashed checks from our bank, they said we were foreclosed on, yet we never went to court, we did a deed in lieu (which they lost) they said we did a loan modification, which we did not, we refused to do one, and that's when the crap started with them. they will not furnish us with these so called modification papers, (I would assume because they are forged with our signatures) we paid the taxes on the house after it was sold since they reported we made money off their sale (which we never saw any money) yet they say they foreclosed... someone needs to stop these people!

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