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NationStar is a shady and scamming people into foreclosure.

Purchased the house in 2010. My mortgage was sold to Nation in 2012. In 2012 I had a few life events that caused me to be short on funds, however I still paid my mortgage on time but was struggling so NS informed me I could apply for a loan modification that would lower my monthly payments and in the meantime I could stop paying my monthly mortgage as those payments would be tacked on at the end of my mortgage and rolled into the loan modification. Sounds great, right? So I submit my loan modification paperwork and inform NS, NS tells me the loan modification will cover the monthly payments that occur during the application process time so I did not have to make further payments from that time on. My loan modification was rejected due to “incomplete documentation” and told I need to resubmit in 45 days with no explanation of what was missing. I also joined the mediation in our local court house, so all this was done in the court house, supervised by a mediator. I redid my loan modification application, had the mediator check my paperwork and she submitted to NS, she also told me to file a motion of continuance in order to allow response time from NS per the loan modification. 2 weeks later I receive a letter stating again that my application was rejected due to “incomplete documentation” and when asking again what was missing, NS could not tell me, as they said no details were included. Filed new application again in 45 days, motion for continuance and in 2 weeks received another rejection letter stating due to “incomplete documentation”. This is the cycle I was stuck in for over 3 years. Finally, NS filed a motion for strict foreclosure which means in the state of CT they can come in 2 weeks and auction off your house right in front of you. I appear for the court date, NS lawyer and mediator told me the judge will be upset if I deny their motion meaning the judge will have to come down to court and hear my reasoning. I denied NS motion for foreclosure and when the judge asked me why should I be allowed to keep my house after not making any payments for over 3 years, I told him I have called repetitively and tried to make payment, which NS wont accept and I have spent 3 years submitting for a loan modification which comes back rejects due to “incomplete documentation” with no explanation of what is actually missing and the money I saved not having to pay the mortgage all these years has gone to renovating the house I live in and the that the mortgage is on. The Judge was disgusted with the way NS handled the loan modification and demanded we all sit down and review the application page by page until they find the missing documentation. We all sat down with the judge and turns out I was missing a single date on a single page in an odd spot. NS claims that was the reasoning for rejection this whole 3 years.
I get the loan modification which turn out to be a $20 reduction in my monthly payment, what a waste. I get out of foreclosure and pay my mortgage on time.
NS informs me that my escrow is short due to NS applying their Hazard Insurance without my consent. NS informs me that my monthly payment is now going to go up, which means the loan modification is a wash and Im actually paying more that I was before the loan modification.
I pay the increased monthly payments on time for over a year. Then in September 2016 NS website says they are having technical issues and I need to call to make my payment and cannot pay via the website. I call NS to make my October 2016 payment and NS tells me that I do not own a payment until February 2017. I asked why and NS couldn’t tell me anything except it had to do with my loan modification, and her explanation was the loan modification was there to help me and it seems it caused my account to be satisfied until February 2017. Call back in October 2016 to check on the account and make a payment but again the NS representative told me no payment is due until February 2017 and I did not have to make a payment until then.
March 2017 rolls around and in early April 2017 I call to make my monthly payment and NS informs me I am over 5 months behind on my mortgage due to not paying October 2016 – February 2017 monthly payments. Turns out their explanation was the loan modification adjusted my account and made it look like no payments were due when in fact they were. Heres the kicker – NS tells me they sent a demand letter and I must pay the 6 months payments in full in order to bring the account current and stop the foreclosure process from occurring. I attempted to make a lump sum payment equivalent to 4 months payments but NS denied me stating they can only accept the full lump sum amount of 6 months. So I call back in May and have the 6 months payments ready however NS informs me that since the new month rolled over, I now owe even more and the 6 months payments weren’t enough and they couldn’t accept any amount smaller than 7 months. So I call at the end of May and attempt to make the 7 month payment but NS informs me that due to the late fees, penalties, and legal fees, I actually owe more money and need to pay it in full – fees plus the 6 months mortgage payments in order to bring my account current and stop the foreclosure process. Ok, I have to wait for more funds to come in and inform them I will be calling the first week of June to make the payment in the exact amount NS stated, they said ok that will bring my account current. I call the first week of June and they tell me since another month rolled over I actually owe more money and they can not accept my 7 months payments plus legal, penalties and late fees. In the meantime, I had sent cashiers checks in totaling their exact amount, but bc I sent the checks a week apart, NS rejected them and sent them back stating it was not enough funds, even though between the 2 checks it was that amount. NS said they will only accept 1 single check.
I called and finally demanded to speak with a manager who told me he said it was NS fault and entered Code 55 to allow me to make payments of $1 or more at anytime but it will take a business day to process so I have to call back Tuesday. I call back Tuesday and NS tells me Code 55 was never applied and by the way the amount due has increased again. But NS states they will now apply code 55 and I need to call back the next business day… So looks like Im stuck in another NationStar circle of Hell…. Find out tomorrow if they will accept my lump sum payment.
If you google NationStar Reviews, I found that I am not the only person that is having these issues that were caused by NS being shady and basically “tricking” homeowners into missing payments and forcing them into foreclosure.

Jun 20, 2017
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      Jul 12, 2017

    mine started 2014 done a modication loan with nationstar i owned 131/2 years they added 40 years to my loan added property inspections, mainenance fees legal fees adding my bills up so i cant pay it every year i borrow money to pay this bill 7000 to 9000 evertime a whole is 5000 i need some information please email [protected] how fill papers against these people stop this stuff

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