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I have many frustrations with your company since they took over our mortgage, mostly because I seem to have gotten passed around from person to person and have not gotten consistent information or service because of that. We were on a trial and were working with Tewania and half way through our trial we were apparently switched to Joann. I had authorized for auto withdrawal after the second payment but it apparently did not get done. I did not realize this until the end of the trial period and called to try to make my final payment and could not get through to ANYONE. I kept getting sent back to Joann, I left several messages, I tried to go online, again with no success. When she did finally call me back, after 3 days, I made my payment and was told it should be fine. Several days after that she called and told me that it was not accepted and that we would need to do a different modification or come up with $12, 000. I feel that because your system failed that I should be able to modify as first explained. I am urgently awaiting your response.

May 11, 2017
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  • Tj
      Jun 26, 2017

    Plain and simple the government needs to shut this so called lender down. They have hurt and ruined so many people I don't know how the top executives can sleep at night. They are nothing but a company of crooks and America needs to be aware of this and then maybe they will get hurt and change, or go out of business. They need to be punished and penalized for what is going on at NATIONSTAR Mortgage. They should all be held accountable down to the employees who lie on the phone. I hope I am live to see their demise.

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  • Lo
      Jul 07, 2017

    @Tjmonkey You are not alone on this company I totally agree, they should be investigated . We also have been pushed around, threaten with foreclosure, refused any money we tried to pay them, but the would "increased the payment", or they would only take the minimum etc. I don't know how these people sleep at night either, from the higher ups to the customer service reps who in fact are only looking to get that bonus/incentive, it is really crazy, and should be against the law what they do to not only us, but other consumers as well. It is almost like they want you to lose/foreclose on your property, they offer their so called "assistance", but always lose paperwork, etc. They have the nerve to rename this agency "Mr. Cooper" . If he is anything like Nationstar, I don't want him or them.

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  • Lo
      Jul 07, 2017


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