Nationstar Mortgage / fraud

Lewisville, United States

I also will be filing several complaints against this company. We to had our mortgage sold to nationstar from bank of
America. We were in the process of refinancing through greenlight loans which if a lot of people don't know is the financial dept of nationstar found out the hardway its a so called sister company {right }!!! We also had very good credit for well over 20 years. So here is our story we refinanced a couple months ago through greenlight loans. The process went well until we made our feb 2014 payment to nationstar. Greenlight set us up with their financial loan coordinator. I made our house payment on the 3rd sent it out the same day and the lady calls to tell me we don't need to make feb. Payment I informed her I already did. She tells me to go to our bank and cancel the check. I have never done that before but she"s the coordinator so ok I will. Then she calls the next week and said they took the payment anyway. I didn't think to much about it cause the money was there. Then we signed papers on our new mortgage the next week. Then she called and told me I needed to wire transfer several hundred dollars to title and escrow accounts which I did by now i'm out several twenty five dollar wire transfer fees. I"ve got a voice mail where she called said our loan has posted everything is good to go. I was relieved because of all the running to get everything done and we would of had a new mortgage payment. Long story short she calls me on march 28th to tell me I needed to make a principal payment to nationstar for feb payment immediately so I did called them the following monday to talk to them they ignored me told me they couldn"t finance anyone who was 30 days pasted due on their morgage !!!Are you kidding me she"s the one told me to cancel the feb payment. They called me a liar sent me a foreclosure letter 2 days later. Nobody will talk to me about it ruined my credit because good ole nationstar stuck it on there because of a one month missed payment. I am really beside myself in disbelief of how a mortgage company can do that to someone and get by with it. I now have bad credit no new loan messed up escrow account behind on payments because it spilled over into the following month and no relief in sight. Wow how can these people get by with all they have done to people and we all are the ones getting punished

Mar 15, 2014

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