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In October, I received a notice that Nationstar reported to Equifax that my July 1st mortgage payment was 30 days delinquent, which caused my credit rating to drop substantially. When I received my 7/15/17 statement I noticed that it showed I did not pay the July 1st mortgage. I immediately contacted "Mr. Cooper" and the customer service rep was not very knowledgeable. I was informed that although they did receive the mortgage payment on June 30th (the day before the payment was due) due, they applied all funds to principal, rather than the mortgage payment itself, which caused my account to show 30 days late. I contacted them again on October 12th when I seen my credit score drop and was told that they did not make a mistake. I asked for a manager but the agent put me on hold and then got back on the phone. I asked that they immediately notify Equifax to remove the incorrect information they provided and to send me a letter confirming same. She agreed but Nothing was done and my credit has been adversely affected. In the past 50 years I have never had one late payment. They clearly do not know there business nor do they care about customers.

Oct 28, 2017
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      Sep 13, 2018

    Mr cooper offered to delay my mortgage after the hurricane. My mortgage was up to date. So I decided to take them up on the offer and fix some damages I had that was not covered by insurance. Mr Cooper confirmed with me monthly that they would give me a modification for the balance in arears. They have since reneged on the offer. They asked me to pay the whole balance back all at once, even though they assured me that they would never do that to me. I have been asking for a modifcation for years, just to freeze the interest to a fixed rate. NOt only did they ask me to pay the balance back, but they also increased my rate by 1%. They are insensitive and do not care ab out their customers. It is a shame that we can never fight back and have to go along with every decision they make for us.
    Shame on you Mr cooper you are not for the little guy.

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