National Tire & Battery NTBruined my transmission and refuse to admit fault or pay to fix

Took my car in on november 19th to the shop located at 8160 e broad st, blacklick, oh 43004 and requested a standard oil change. Only!
Received a call about 45 minutes later saying I needed a new air filter and that it looked like my transmission fluid had never been changed and the tech recommended a flush. Even took the time to explain how a flush works - that they drain as much fluid as they can, and use pressure to push the remainder out so that there is nothing left. Then replace with new fluid.
Me, knowing nothing about cars, agreed to let them add these services onto my bill.

Nothing else was determined to be wrong with my car per their inspection. No engine codes, brakes and rotors, tire wear, all lights working, etc.

Less than a month later (December 6th) , my car started having issues shifting and even accelerating, and eventually my check engine light started flashing.

I returned to ntb and explained what was happening, and they pulled it in to the garage and looked at it. They informed me that the code being thrown was p0742 which is tcc system being stuck on and was caused by the transmission fluid change. And that my vehicle (Being over 150k miles) should not have had a transmission flush.

When I informed the manager that I had not asked for the flush, that I was convinced, he agreed that the tech should not have even recommended the flush, let alone actually done the flush.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Blacklick, OH And that my transmission was ruined. And was also told that ntb's policy in regards to transmissions is that if the vehicle is over 150k miles and has no record of previous transmission fluid exchanges or flushes, that they are not to even touch them.

Opened a claim with ntb, and have gotten nothing but the runaround for 6 weeks. Their insurance company (Sedgwick) got a 3rd party inspection company (Nwi) to go out to the auto shop that I had my car taken to (My normal mechanic who I actually purchased this vehicle from) , and the inspector claims that the damage to the vehicle was not caused by the fluid change and that a tech at the shop assisted and agreed with the inspection. I spoke to my mechanic and was informed that no one at the shop assisted with the inspection as it is against their policy, and when I called nwi to ask the name and contact info for the inspector, I was told they are not allowed to give me information on my vehicle. So I have been calling back and forth to sedgwick and nwi trying to figure out what is going on and who "assisted" the inspector, and why suddenly it was determined that the ruined transmission was not ntb's doing, and have gotten no answers. For 6 weeks.

So they are trying to say that changing my trans fluid was not the cause of my vehicle (Which had no issues prior to being taken to ntb. No engine codes. No shifting issues. Nothing. ) was not the reason my transmission is ruined and I no longer have a vehicle. Thank you ntb!

Jan 09, 2017

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