National Tire and Batterybrake job caused accident

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After Hurricane Ike hit in Texas, National Tire and Battery advertised free check-ups for single moms to see if damaged from hurricane. The shop guys were nice and checked my tires. Next I went in to check my brakes and get an estimate. My battery was bad so I had them replace it. The next day after money came from fema I took my car back in for brake repair. Two days later on the way home from college in Houston there was bumper to bumper traffic. I was going only 25 mph when a lady in front of me slammed on her brakes and stopped completely. I tapped my brakes and the pedal went all the way to the floor. I hit her in the rear and caused 2 scratches on her bumper. Because her damage was so small, I allowed my insurance company to fix her car. I took my car back into NTB to complain about the brake job. The assisstant manager was on duty and when the guys in the shop pulled off the tire he came and got me to show me the brake line was dryrotted and leaking brake fluid. He told me they must not have bled the brake lines b/c if they had the lines would have busted right away. He admitted it was their fault and they would replace the brake lines and rebleed them. There was damage to the front end of the car. I called the manager Jason b/c he was the one there when the original work was done. He refused to help me concerning the damage to my car which is 20 years old. I asked him if he could please just call around find some parts at a junk yard and fix my car or give me my money back for the brake repairs. He gave me the corp. phone number which I called and they told me they would fix the situation. The repairs & accident happened Oct 2008 and Jason the manager did not do the paperwork until January 2009. Now I found out that the asst manager was fired. He was the only one that was truthful and is the only one that was fired. Now it has been 7 months and they are just now denying the claim. Gallagher-Basset and Jennifer, the agent have lied and given me the runaround. In the meantime I went w/o a car for 4 months. I was very ill for 8 weeks during this process which is why I let it go on so long. I am now trying to hire an attorney to take the case. I am a single mom of 2 adult blind children. If I don't have transportation then neither do they.

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      Sep 30, 2011

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