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I got a call from National Recovery Agency a couple months back by a rude lady named Diane, saying i owed the lottery $700 from 2005! She stated they had my address and telephone number from 2005, and that the state lottery was their client, who supposedly said i owed tax from lottery tickets purchased in my name from a store. First of all, I've never owned a store, worked in a retail store, or have had any family that owned a store. Second of all, there's no way to owe tax on lottery tickets purchased in bulk when you BUY them! I explained all this to her, as well as i was not the person who purchased these tickets. It was obviously identity theft and she wouldn't give me any information except that the lottery was there client. I got in contact wit the state lottery myself, and they said it was a fraud and that i was not the first person to call about it. This company is a FRAUD and full of ###! After i let Diane know this and that she wasn't getting a dime from me, i told her to have a nice [censored]ing day and she hung up. I'm filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and whoever else I can.

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      Nov 30, 2012

    HA HA HA These Indian scammers are too funny. They call from India, they are phishing for ez marks. If you have ever applied for a payday loan they have called or will call you, with all manner of threats. They call from India with spoofed numbers. Don't fall for it. Have fun with them like your address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (once they know you are on to them they move on to the next mark). Or if you don't care to just blast the phone with a loud sports air horn. Either way they go away.

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