National Readers ServiceNot a good company to get involved with


When I first got a call from them i started up with them at 59.99 per month for 5 years and when i was told to i can cancel i was told that it has to be done with in the first 7 days of starting the subscription. i thought it was 7 days after i received and that is usually how it works but every time i called t cancel the subscription they said that i can not cancel my subscription to them and if i stop payments going to them then they will mess up my credit. when i threaten to sue them they said that they have proof that i entered in to contract with them via word of mouth according to maryland state law word of mouth contract is good and binding but only if it is for one year and under 500 dollars worth of products being exchanged and i have paid them over $708 and with 3 more years to go but i changed my pricing to 29.90 and added 28 more months before i am done paying.

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