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A couple of years ago I got an unsolicited call from National Readers Service wanting to sell me magazines. The original offer was to pay $1.43 per week for a 5 year subscription to Time Magazine and I'd get 4 other magazines for free. By the end of the conversation, I was told I'd have to pay for the whole subscription up front which amounted to a payment of $62.50 for 12 months. At the end of the twelve months, they were still taking money out of my checking account, so I called to find out what was going on and I was told that it was an 18 month payment plan. WHen I had finally paid them off they started calling me to get me to sign up for another 5 years. This was at the end of 18 months !! I told them no each time. A week ago, I got a call from them telling me that I still owed on the original account. They said that I'd only paid off the first two years and that I still owed them for three. Of course, I had thrown away my original letters and things after I had paid off the $62.50 at 18 months, so I thought I'd say OK and then see that came in the mail. I had to give them my debit card for the first payment of $49.90 and then they were to invoice me for another 30 months. The girl talked so fast, I didn't have time to think because I was just trying to keep up with what she was saying. This week I got a letter in the mail from them signing me up for a new account for an additional 60 months and the total was $1, 497 !!! I tried calling them to cancel the 'subscription', but their phone number on the letter was a porn site and their phone number on the bank statement was bogus. I went straight to the bank and cancelled my debit card and got a new one so they couldn't charge my account any more. I will send them a letter (who knows if the address is bogus) cancelling and am filing a complaint with the bank to investigate the charges on my account. If they call to threaten me I will get a lawyer to fight this. Or will call the Better Business Bureau. Is there some way to put this company out of business ?


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    angry May 28, 2009

    This company is a total scam and keeps you paying $ upon $ and when you try and cancel they send you to a supposed collection agency that is a voice message from an individual. STAY AWAY. They should be shut down.

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  • Jo
    josh81 May 30, 2009

    I just fead your comment about national readers service. And after the comment's I read about this company, I'm starting to get a little worried. I just barely signed up and I want to cancel my membership. I need to know what would be the best thing for me to do. I tried calling some of the number's on the letter I got. But no answer.

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  • D
    D / Aug 15, 2009

    National Readers Service scammed my 19 year old in June 2009. Specific suggestions for dealing with this scam are on my blog
    Good luck! D/

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  • Ta
    taptap Dec 23, 2009

    you all are idiots. this problem could have been solved by YOU BEING SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. you NEVER give ANY information to a stranger, didn't your parents tell you this when you were young? are you suprised that you were duped? I only wish I would have done it myself, I could use the money.

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  • Sh
    shewoo Mar 20, 2010

    For those of you who HAVE given information to them, cancel your cards and get new ones. Its the only way to deal with it. They called me and I told them I was going to get my card when in reality I was checking them on the internet. I read these scam stories and hung up on them. If they have enough info on you, that means they probably have your card number, so I would call and cancel your cards asap.

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  • Fl
    FLBchsCricket Sep 29, 2010

    Don't even get ME started! I, too, was duped. But they have started a new tactic...going by 2 names to get you to pay, and showing 2 different totals, hoping you'll be gullible to think, "Oh God, I signed up for 2 of these!" However, when pressed you get the same service date. Hmm.

    Lookout not only for National Readers Service but ALSO Midwest Publishers Inc.!

    Better yet. Just don't do it! If anyone does a cold call to you tell them to take your name off their list as that is the law. If you are already on the DO NOT CALL list tell them that and that they just broke the law. See who can hang up the fastest then!

    Wish I had been the wiser back in March. Still fighting my strategy using the BBB, FTC, State AG, Consumer Affairs, and the list goes on. The more complaints I can file (and print to send to these 2 companies in response to their bully tactics) the better off I hope we will all be in the end. If they took you for a ride, file away too!

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  • In
    innocentcat Apr 11, 2011

    i can say this to all those that have signed up for this service, willing or unwilling, the quickest way to cancel your account is to threaten with LAWYER, BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, OR ATTORNEY GENERAL. i use to work for one of these companies when i was younger and needed the paycheck, but as soon as i found out what was going on, i got out of these as quick as possible. the only way they will cancel your account on the spot when a representative calls you for a payment is to threaten with a LAWYER, BBB, OR AG. just remember though, being a previous employee myself, they lie to the employees as well, saying they are legit and approved by the BBB, so please remember not to take it out on the reps that are just doing their job.

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  • Br
    Brian2k Aug 09, 2011

    Just received a call from there Company from a representative named "Jennifer" she told me that I was in a sweepstakes for 50, 000 and would get 3 free magaazine subscriptions. On top of this 3 more would be mailed @ 3.88 per week, and information would come in the mail. A few minutes after speaking with her, another rep called back to confirm and wanted my debit card for the first installment. When I requested documentation before paying he stated he would not lose his job for the price of a Happ Meal, I laughed and requested it again -- guess he didnt think it or me not paying was funny so he hung up. There was no caller id because they call unavaiable.

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  • I just received call from them. They said I signed up in September of 2010 with "Visa" Debt card for 60 months and paid first 30 months. ( I do not have visa debt card now, then and never). They said, I signed up for 5 years with automatic signup for next 5 years. They seams to have correct address and correct phone number. But Visa debt card basically said its a scam. To continue the story, They also said, next 30 months I need to pay 49.99 per month, ( not sure which magazines cost 49.99 per month? where are those magazines for last 30 months? ) and also, they said they will cancel next 5 years contract if I just pay 49.99 per month for next 30 months. I recorded all our conversations. First Girl first I talked was Beverly (who was new?) and the supervisor is Renee Remos ( ID:0605). While talking, I started researching on google, and found out they are fraud. I mentioned that to supervisor. She said they are not and she argued that I signed up and initiated it. Only problem was I do not remember when I signed up, I never carried Visa Debt card.
    Today's Call came from 800-111-1111. I basically fed up and hung up.

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  • Se
    ses1978 Feb 03, 2016

    I have NEVER even heard of this company until they have started popping up on our caller ID two and three times a week for the past 3 or 4 weeks. They keep calling. They are harassing us. What the hell? I am so glad I researched the name and the number of them. Find out they are scammers. But how do we get them to stop calling us?

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