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National Magazine Exchange / fraud

1 P.o.Box 9084 CLEARWATER, FL. 33758-9084, Clearwater, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-866-374-9979

The national magazine exchange, has lat a 16 year old use a credit card of mine to place an order with them. Not even checking with me or another adult here at home, to see if she was even of age. Now my account has been hit with charges from this very very sick company, which only cares about their pay checks and commission off of this bullcrap company!!!

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  • Sm
      19th of Nov, 2008

    THEY let your kid use the card? Ummm who is the parent here? I know I wouldn't expect NME to lookout for the welfare of my kid and neither should you. You are probably one of those people who boycotts a tv station because they put something on you find offensive instead of just changing the channel. Here's some the parent instead of the baby!

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  • Co
      24th of May, 2009

    National Magazine Exchange?...Agora Marketing Solutions, Inc.NME..National Publishers Exchange..National List Exchange..Clearinghouse Magazine..National Clearing Exchange.. Million Dollar Sweepstakes..Strike It Rich 2 Sweepstakes..One Switch..N.M.E. Magazine Services..NME Prize Disbursement...Fantasy Riches Sweepstakes..Agora Marketing Solutions...Non of which are accredited by the Better Business Bureau...and DO NOT appear to practice good business or customer relations. Who, exactly are these "businesses"? They certainly use enough different names & have quite a number of complaints listed with the Better Business Bureau, about them. Some people might say the complaintants were a bunch of whiny babies, but I don't believe all people who enter complaints to the Better Business Bureau about any company, corporation, etc., are whiny babies...I believe any person who takes the time to file a complaint with the BBB has a ligitimate complaint. Since the BBB investigates complaints, follows through by providing their findings, etc. and they don't focus on only the negative side of things...Let's just say NME...or whoever they might be, with all those names, does NOT appear to be the type of business the majority of people would deal with, as a customer, if they were aware of this company's history and background! As for the previous comment posted by "Smarty"...he/she sounds quite he/she employed by this company..or companies, whoever they might be???????????
    As for the person making the complaint, send an email to everyone you know and let them know about your experience with this company and ask those people to forward that email to everyone they know, etc., etc., etc., may save someone else from getting taken, which is a good thing, but even better, you'll keep a little money out of their pockets & wouldn't that give you a little satisfaction? Be sure to include all the names they use for "Their Business". And last, BUT NOT can check out any business, or anything else, on the internet. That could be very helpful in the future.

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  • Ha
      30th of Sep, 2009

    just like all the other customers who have been a victim of nme mags frauds and scams, i also was did in the same manner. i was lied to about what i so-called "won". then i was told i purchased these mags when i hadnt even recieved a single item period. i called the company and they gave me four diffrent numbers to call to cancel. the same day i called and cancelled on every aspect possible that they gave me. the rep lady told me everything was cancelled and the would send me a offer sheet for if i ever changed my mind. THAT WAS A LIE. instead in the mail i received a sheet saying " if you do not send 80.00 dollars for the mags you will be reported to a collection agency." HOW? i never recieved anything, and i never agreed on anything, and i never sent a payment, in fact i cancelled. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD IF THERS ANY LAWYERS OUT THERE THAT WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THIS OBVIOUS FRAUD CASE< CONTACT ME @ (636) 432-1401.

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  • Se
      3rd of Dec, 2009

    There is a legitamate winner and it is announced on or around 2/17/2010. Every one is pitched the sale ofcourse. This is marketing. NO ONE is obligated to purchase anything whatsoever. Everyone who calls in is entered into the sweepstakes and they are a legitamate business. They provide a good service for a very reasonable amount of money. What else do you want to know.
    Pretty straight forward. This is a America and we are here to sell to the consumer as it should be. If you don't want the magazines go thru the pitch and decline until the salesperson has done their J.O.B. no problem and the entry is made. We are currently experiencing a recession the likes of which I have never seen in all my years of employment. Most all of these sales people are just like me...a mother of four who must feed, shelter and provide by doing what is available to do in a state with astronomical unemployment issues. At least you can say I am not sitting on my ### taking money from the government collecting unemployment like millions of others who are too damned lazy to even make an effort to go outside their comfort zones and be as assertive as required to be to make a living. Get real and stop being a whiny little baby. Be a grown up and walk the walk.

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  • Ra
      3rd of Jun, 2010

    hey thanks guys, I was going to call the # but i thought I'd google it first, thanks for your comments. You guys saved me a whole bunch of money and head ache.

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  • Te
      28th of Jul, 2010

    I received the same notice in the mail today and decided to do a search and found this rewarding information. I am throwing out this, STRIKE IT RICH VII SWEEPSTAKES, offer and not to get involed in such a scam. Who knows, they may have already ordered subscriptions in my name and I could be getting calls from the collectors within the next three months.


    Terry Montgomery

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  • Mo
      27th of Jun, 2011

    Today 06-27-2010 I called 1-800-528-7892 and gave my Sweepstakes ID Number: 136634200 to enter a $45, 000.00 sweeepstakes. No purchase is required, supposedly. Then I was PRESSURED into subsvcribing to 3
    magazines. I chose Baseball Digest, Popular Science, and Cat Fancy. I was offered a man's and a Ladies' diamond/crystal watches "free".I was then offered s "free" prepaid gift card, a "free" $25.00 coupon from Also I was told National Magazine Exchange (NME) would throw in 2 or 3 more magazines for "free".
    All Of this for 48 months for $1.29/ week to be paid in installments of $33.54 per month for X months (I cannot reemember the specified months) but the math does not work out.
    I want this order cancelled imediately. I do NOT want ANY magazines, free gifts or ANYTHING from NME.
    IF it's true that "No Purchase Is Required" then leave me in the sweepstakes. If it's a lie than that's more fraud.

    Morris Andrews

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  • Mo
      28th of Jun, 2011

    CORRECT DATE IS 06-27-2011


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  • Mo
      28th of Jun, 2011

    persuiant to my complaint of today 06-27-2011 National Magazine Exchange has already debited my account for $33.54. I want this refunded to my account IMMEDIATELY.


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  • Df
      6th of Jan, 2012

    On a scale of A+ to F from BBB is D . Yes Devil

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