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To whomever will listen at National Floors Direct,

I am writing in regard to our current disastrous experience with National Floors Direct at my parents' home. On July 6, 2018, my sister and I met with and placed an order with your sales representative, Brian Simone, for carpet and vinyl. We were given an installation date of July 23, 2018 and were told that the installation would be done in three to four consecutive days. On the day of the installation, I was called and told the carpet installation had been moved to Weds, July 25th. We are renovating the house and I don't live there, so our contractor let the installers in when they arrived late in the day. He then left them to work and close up the house. The next day when I went to the house, I found that the carpet HAD been installed in the bedrooms but not the stairs and the vinyl work had been partially completed. I also found the house in complete and utter disarray...furnuture had been stacked and thrown anywhere and everywhere. The old backing to the existing carpet spread dust and residue through the entire house including the walls. The installers even used to toilet and failed to flush their excrement! It was DISGUSTING! I have attached pictures that don't come close to showing the extent of mess that was left. To add insult to injury, I found a copy of your Customer Satisfaction Checklist that had been filled out and SIGNED with a glowing report! No one was there to sign it yet your installers took it upon themselves to do so???? I've included a photo of that as well. I was also told by customer service that someone told the installers that we didn't like how the carpeting on the floating stairs looked because the backing showed through so they didn't do the installation. There was NO ONE at the house during the installation so this was a total fabrication.


The problems then continued. Today, July 28th, 2018, we were supposed to have the vinyl installation completed. I spoke to Liz Madigan yesterday several times, including just before the end of the business day, at 5:45pm. She confirmed that the installers would be there to complete the vinyl installation sometime close to 9:00AM. At 8:30 this morning, I received a call from your installation department confirming the appointment, and that I would receive a call one half hour before they arrived so I could meet them at the house. By 11:45AM, I still had not heard from anyone so decided to call the installation department. I was then told by Mr. Dubois that there would be no installation today because the nose molding for the living room stairs was unavailable until August 9th. NO ONE called to tell me this! Again, to add more insult to injury, my husband and I decided to go the the house to check on other progress, only to find the house open and a delivery of vinyl molding on the floor. Someone took it upon themselves to use the spare key we had left for contractors, your installers included, to open the house, deliver materials and then leave the door unlocked. NO ONE called me to ask if this was acceptable! IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

This house was built by my father 48 years ago. It is a cherished part of our family. My father, now 91, is dying and in hospice care. These renovations are being done so my 86 year old mother can rent the house as a means of support. It is a very stressful time for my family, aggravated ten fold by the experience of doing business with your company. Your company has treated this house like its an outhouse and then patted themselves on the back for doing so!

 The behavior of your installers is shameful! I have been assured by Ms Madigan that this unconscionable situation is being reviewed my Senior Management. I have also been assured of call backs...none of which occurred. All Mr. Dubois could offer was a weak apology and very little empathy for the way this whole nightmare has been handled. 

At the very least, National Floors Direct should refund the installation costs. As the job is still yet to be competed and you have our money, we hope that the job can be completed as quickly and professionally as possible. 

Jul 28, 2018
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  • El
      Nov 21, 2018

    We Listen @ National Floors Direct -

    We recently spoke to a sales person (Malcolm) and ordered our carpet for three good size rooms and a long hallway. We were told that the carpet would be by Mohawk and that the installation would take two to three installers the morning to complete.

    After confirming the installation the day before, we were called the morning of the installation and told that the installers would be here between 9 am and 1 pm. Luckily, the installer arrived at 9 am; however, he was alone and stated that he would do the installation himself.

    I called the 800 number and spoke to someone who assured me that the installer would do a great job. He did do an excellent job and was courteous and worked very hard to get the job done. However, it took him from 9 am until almost 11pm to complete the installation. This is completely unacceptable given the parameters that we were given.

    HAVING BEEN TOLD THAT THE INSTALLATION WOULD BE COMPLETED IN HALF A DAY, this was not really how we intended to spend our day and night, as we still needed to make beds, put light back into the rooms and hook up other accessories. We also feel that this was very unfair to the installer how still had to travel home; a good half hour trip in an extremely exhausted state of mind and body.

    Though the installer did show me the carpet to ensure that it was the same color/type that we had agreed to, he did not show us the label to assure that it was Mohawk carpeting. As you can imagine, the final perusal of the finished installation did not take place as the lighting was not back in the rooms and the late hour of the project being completed. We can see a seam in the master bedroom which is quite evident. I have reviewed the other rooms and have not found any other defects or issues, as yet. I will call to arrange for someone (the installer) to come back and look at the one seam area that we can see.

    I think that you need to get your act together and be honest about the amount of time that the installation will take and update your advertising to at least state that upgrades are extra. You know that no one can read those little disclaimers on the TV screens.

    Though we are mostly happy with the carpet and the installation at this point; we probably would not buy from you again, given the differences in amount of time we were told that the installation would take and how many people would be doing the work.

    Charles and Ellen Daley
    Manchester, CT.

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