National Credit Systems / Unprofessional, Lied, Terrible Experience

Atlanta, GA, United States

I am absolutely stunned at a company that treats people the way they do has power to ruin someone's credit. I owed a bill from a few years back that I would have paid right away had I even gotten a bill. No bill, no voice mails from this agency, nothing. The only thing I ever received was a bill for over 2, 500 from the apartment complex but I only owed 1400 and asked them to send me a revised bill. 3 months later, it's on my credit report. I went through a tough time and had to break my lease for the first time in my life. I pay my bills but I also RECEIVE bills or at least know how to check my balance. When I found the company's name, via my credit report, I tried to log into their website to pay it but couldn't (no surprise there, they want to talk down to you more than they want your money!). So I called them and that sure did ruin my day. I don't get upset, and I was so upset by the time I got off the phone with them, I was actually shaking. I told them I will pay the bill if they will have it removed from my credit report. I spoke with **** (not mentioning names just yet) and she told me "no, that is illegal". So I asked to speak to a manager. A man got on the phone (I'd bet my paycheck he wasn't a manager) and I asked him if it was illegal to have the entry removed from my credit report. He said no. Yeah, I already knew that. I ended that call. After calming down, I called back a week or so later, because I need the bill paid and at this point I don't care if it's on my report but I want it marked "paid in full". So I called back to get my account number so I could pay it. Guess what, they all of a sudden couldn't find an account with my name, social, or apartment complex that I lived in. Unbelievable, at this point they are just messing with me! Here I am, getting upset again. I couldn't believe I can't just pay my bill! So, finally they transferred me back to *****, which I said I did not want to speak to her. I finally got my account number and she tried everything she could to get my credit card number. NO! Later that day (last week), I sent payment through my bank with online bill pay. If they don't cash that check as soon as they get it, I'm filing reports with BBB and Attorney Generals office. By the way, I recorded the conversation and let her know I was recording AFTER she told me she was recording the conversation. Found a free app for my phone and I'm very, very glad that I have proof of what people have to go through when dealing with these people.

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