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Ms Tillman of NCS is the rudest lying little thing. I say thing because I'm sure she can't be human as humans have feelings. I called to settle a 3 year old debt and because she didn't like my "tone" she hung up. I called back and worked with her supervisor which resolved the issue but in the meantime I rec'd a letter saying I refused to pay my debt b/c Ms Rude-as-hell Tillman lied.

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      Oct 11, 2012

    You are willing to, and made arrangements to pay, that is all that matters. If a debt collect thinks you are smarter, as is normally the case just like you experienced, they don't like it and they get all worked up for nothing. They are trained to abuse and make people emotional so they can make irrational decisions. A think debtor and informed debtor is dangerous to them because the conversation deviates from the standard "abuse the debtor" script.

    Keep all your payments evidence, these idiots resell your paid off debts to other CA then the collection story starts all over again. Like this one
    And don't give them electronic access to your checking account they will clean you out. Finally make sure you receive a "Settled in full" confirmation.

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