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I've made numerous calls, sent numerous letters, and faxed the letters to try and ask why I was never contacted about a small debt that showed up on my credit report. A supervisor, Fay Miles, insulted me and refused to give me any information. I just paid the debt and hoped one of my letters made it through to someone of importance...

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  • Jw
      Dec 25, 2009

    I too have incurred a debt with this company. They have not only been very unproffesional but informed me that they do not provide notification upon receipt of payment. This is to say unless I have made a payment in full they will dont send me any type of documentation by mail or by fax as to what the remainder of my balance will be. I was told this by the supervisor Mike Cook. Cook Also took it upon himself to hang up me twice and told me that they will not accept any payment from me in regards to my account unless it was paid in full. Wow... You wont be in business for to long with attempting to collect debt in such a manner Can someone please let me know if it legal in NC to accept a payment from a recipent with providing some type of documeation as to what the remaining balance is if any. Even if it is not a complete payment in full. I am interested in paying my debt but need to pay in installments. Therefore notification is necessary especially dealing with a comapany that has a history of being deceitful to the former residents.

    Thank you

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  • La
      Oct 05, 2010

    In short, this company has called on multiple occasions to Harass, Bully, and Demean another employee of this company who is no longer with My branch. Though this does not stop them from calling and literally Yelling at me when I inform them of this, again and again. They call and get as childish and rude as possible, hang up when you respond, and will call Back to harass you more. And the language and etiquette they use on the phone is Exactly akin to that of an elementary school playground bully. They make demands, do not wait for responses, and sling Pointless, Empty threats at every chance. When asked to speak with a supervisor, we have been put on hold for long periods of time, just to be rerouted back to the offending agents own voicemail. My company and it's attorneys are looking into this, as well as getting employees from Multiple offices to contact the BBB about NCS. I would suggest the same of anyone else who has Any dealings with them. Have a wonderful day.

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