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I received a letter in the early weeks of February, 2013, from NCS (National Credit Systems) regarding a supposed debt that was owed from a previous residence I lived in. When I received the correspondence, I immediately filed a complaint with the company and challenged the validity of said debt via the Better Business Bureau. To date, the company has continually refused to legally verify said debts. I took it upon myself to contact management at the companies that sold this supposed debt to NCS and was able to prove the debt was invalid. The company directly sent me confirmation that the debt owed was updated to the correct amounts. Since that time, NCS sent me ONE letter with the new amount on it, but to date has still refused to provide me proof of said debt from THEIR company. Per the FDCPA, they are required to provide proof of any debt within 30 days of my request or the debt is invalid.
To date, they have not done so, well past the 30 days required by law.
Furthermore, I have been in dispute with this debt since I was first notified of it. As such, the company has NO legal right to report ANYTHING to my credit file with ANY agency.
It is hereby demanded that NCS remove ALL reporting of ANY ACCOUNT off of ANY and ALL credit files, agencies, bureaus and reports at ONCE. Furthermore, due to the failure of the company to follow the FDCPA, it is hereby DEMANDED that ALL debts owed by me to NCS be zeroed out and considered PAID IN FULL and/or CANCELLED.
I DEMAND a member of NCS' management team CALL ME directly AT ONCE to resolve this issue.

Apr 29, 2013
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  •   Apr 30, 2013

    It seems, from your post, that only the amount owed was incorrect, which was corrected by the agency. So, it seems that the debt itself is now valid. As far as the FDCPA verification requirements go (§ 809. Validation of debts [15 USC 1692g]), there is nothing that states that a debt is automatically invalid if the collection agency does not verify the debt within the 30 day period. Talk to an attorney in your area who is part of the National Association of Consumer Advocates ( They specialize in the FDCPA/FCRA and can help you sort this out.

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      May 08, 2013

    Please call 678-244-2841 and refer to this message board. I will personally check on this matter. I am a member of NCS management. However, it appears an investigation was conducted after your dispute and your balance was adjusted. I would like to add, that NCS is relying on the validity of the information being supplied by its client, the original creditor.
    If you have documentation that refutes the original creditor's claims we will investigate your dispute again.

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