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On or about 12 May 2010, I was contacted by Ms. Tillman of the National Credit System regarding a debt from an apartment I leased in November 2009. I signed a 6 month lease and I vacated after 3 months.

When I first spoke with Ms. Tillman, she informed me that I owed $2, 102.01. I asked her to send me a document with a break down of the charges – but out of fear for hurting my credit I made my first payment before I received this document. On or about the 15th of May I made a payment of $352.35. Despite Ms. Tillman's demand that I send my first payment via western union or some other wire agency, I made my payment through the payment process on their website. I then called Ms Tillman to tell her about the payment options available on your website and she hung-up on me. I called back and spoke to Mr. Cook who also seemed to be having a bad day and was not one of the more friendly managers I have spoken to. In the end I explained that I would be making my payments through the website because a representative of the company had told me this was an acceptable way to pay off the debt.

Today (June 11th) I went to their website to make arrangements for a payment that I intended to submit and my debt of $1, 749.66 has grown to $2, 727.66. It went up by $978.00. So I called Ms. Tillman again to find out what had happened and she said "Since I did not pay off the entire amount they added another charge to it".

I am not sure what is going on. I am willing to pay the debt I owe - I believe I have clearly communicated my intentions to Ms. Tillman and to Mr. Cook . . .they both told me I could make 6 payments of roughly $350.00 to pay the entire thing off - and when I did what we agreed upon . . .someone added $978.00 to the amount.

I am unable to speak with anyone other than Ms. Tillman or Mr. Cook and I have never received a break down of the charges. I know at times their staff has to deal with people who may be less than motivated to address their debt and may even be unwilling to answer the phone at times . . .all I am asking for is a document identifying what I owe with a break down of the charges and an explanation of the additional $978.00.

Rob Hess
49 Laguna
Palmyra VA 22963.

Acct no: 2087843


Rob Hess

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