National American University [NAU] / Financial Aid

Rapid City, SD, United States

NAU Rapid City has changed over the years. I believe they suck a student dry and then send them on their way their last year before they graduate.They are only interested in students with military service college funds, as these are guaranteed and the money is coming in. The financial aid is there to help find money for the students, financial aid is not collection agency harassing students in their last year. My daughter is in her last year of nursing school and is constantly harassed by the financial aid office and want 2300.00 a month and if she doesn't have It she is out, this is her last year and she is so stressed out. I am going to find a lawyer to see if we can sue due to stress, she lost one baby due to stress from this school. What I think is they are weeding out for next batch of students so they can do the same to them. The question is can students sue a non-profit organization, students need to come together and stop what is going on at NAU Rapid City.

Jul 18, 2016

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