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Nando's Dubai UAE, The Greens Branch / poor food

United Arab Emirates Review updated:
Dear Sir/Madam,
Please could you advise of whom do I need to forward my complaints about Nando's in Dubai, UAE, Branch in the Greens. Do they come under the same management as England or is there a seperate board for the Middle East in general and Dubai in particular. My family and I have always enjoyed our meals in Nando's England, but the one in the Greens in Dubai, has the most disgusting food I have ever tasted, we ordered starters, the olives came out of a Jar, the speciality nuts, were basically dried peas, and bombay mix, with very old, expired taste few pistachios, it tasted awful, I asked the waiter to replace it with fresh ones, they sprinkled some on top of the old ones, and still tasted bad, the cheese cake I ordered for my kids was disgusting. All in all for was a poor quality food and has completely put us off Nando's.

Pls advise, thank you

Mrs Elsarha


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  26th of Dec, 2008
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There's a site called www.places.ae which lists all these places in the UAE.

I've seen people putting comments there (like in compume and sasha beauty station).
It might work.
  30th of Mar, 2009
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it was really yakky when visiting nandos shiekzayed road, crews vommits at side of their doors, disgusting and unsanitary practices...i been visiting too many places and this is really ridiculous nandos crews was all over the place in uniforms at nigth.
  13th of Jun, 2009
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The Greens Nandos never gets anything right. The food is poor and they never get home delivery right.

Their attitude towards customers is poor, almost rude.

Would advise you not to eat from them.
  19th of Jun, 2009
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Hi Matthew.

Thank You for your feedback.

We are truly saddened that your experience was not pleasent. I would surely be glad if we could meet, and investigate as to what actually happened. This is unlike our style and I am logging this as Priority.

Please, kindly contact me on the given numbers or kindly leave yours, then I will contact you.

I am looking forward hearing from You.


De Wet Labuschagne
Manager, Nandos The Greens
050 736 5755
04 360 8080
  11th of Aug, 2009
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I actually have had excellent service and food from the Nando's in the Al Ghurair Mall. The staff have always been good and know my wife and I well. My advice: try and get a table in Kennedy or Rowena's section - both have always been very attentive to their customers!
  16th of Sep, 2009
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I agree Al Ghurair is the best Nandos, The greens is awful badly prepped food, awful customer service, sheik Zayed Road branch is dirty the toilets resemble that of a london pub at the end of a brutal night. Its a shame as Nandos has made its name on great food and service. its seems as they have grown its more about the money than the food.

  17th of Sep, 2009
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Dear Tony.

Please see my contact details below or kindly leave yours and please allow me to call you. I am the new manager here and regret that your experience was not what you are used to from Nando's, however, we can only fix our problems through the valuable feedback we get from our customers.


De Wet
04 360 80 80
050 736 5755
  12th of Oct, 2009
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Dear All,

I worked at the first Nando's that ever opened in Kenliworth, Cape Town in South Africa. I love Nando's, love the concept, the spices, the service. I have eaten at Nando's in the Greens many times and am yet to have a bad experience. On the contrary, the service has been good, the food tasty and fresh.

Mrs Elsahra, if you dont like the nuts may I suggest you try a Lebanese restaurant where they serve really fresh nuts (almonds are particularly good). However, for good spicy fresh chicken- Nando's is still the best in the world.

I have just ordered a delivery from Greens Nando's (12-Oct-09) and have every confidence that it will be as good as ever, especcially the extra hot chicken livers!

  12th of Oct, 2009
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Hi Robin.

Thank you for the feedback and I am indeed proud to know of the faith and confidence our valued customers have in us.

I would certainly like to meet you so please don't be shy to pop in and say " Howzit"..

I am looking forward hearing from you.


De Wet Labuschagne
Manager for and on behalf of Nando's The Greens
050 736 5755
04 360 8080
  13th of Jan, 2010
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Orded home delivery and this time it took just over an hour. The previous best was 45 min and we stay in the Springs. The chips was rubber, the rest ok. Phoned and after being put on hold three times for 5 min was told that they would replace the chips. Yes, thank you, not. Being a SAFA this sucks as I enjoy suporting what was local. 15 times later in about 9 months you wont hear from us again. Hello KFC.
  13th of Jan, 2010
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Hello?? Not happy
  5th of Oct, 2010
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Don't order NANDO'S from The Greens in Dubai!

As a South African living in Dubai for almost 2 years, we just felt like having Nando's the South African Style!
We were highly DISAPPOINTED in the poor quality food that has been delivered from the Greens branch.

My husband ordered 2 chicken burgers, one with a pineapple ring and lemon & herb flavour, the other one a mild plain chicken burger.

As the food arrived there was only 1 burger, the chips & coleslaw.

But no sign of the 2nd burger.

The food is tasteless, the pineapple ring no taste at all, a piece of tomato which was most probably the top part of the tomato (which should've gone in the bin in fact).

The coleslaw - DISGUSTING! Tasted like fish!

The Call Centre lady which took our order, made the 1st mistake by not getting the order right. Cherry was her name, if I can remember correct. Don't the call centre staff get proper training...???
Then the bad experience with the food itself prepared from The Greens branch.

Never in my life will we order from any Nando's store in Dubai! And I will make sure to spread the word.

  5th of Oct, 2010
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Dear Tania

Firstly, I would like to sincerely apologise on behalf of our call centre that took your order wrong. I can only imagine how you must be feeling !

After speaking to your husband, i came to know what happened exactly and i am truely saddened that you had to have this experience tonight. I did however send off a burger to you without any questions asked. I would also really appreciate it if you both could come in to the store so us Saffas can meet up and rectify what gad happened tonight.

Please note my details below.


Hilmar Venter
On behalf of Nando's the Greens
050 280 4138
  5th of Oct, 2010
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Following my complain above re. Nando's in The Greens.


We were super amazed by the quick feedback we got from the Manager at The Greens Nando's Branch in Dubai.
If only more people / managers can be as clued up as he is. Hilmar, Acting Manager of The Green Branch immediately put 1 + 1 together and called us back to get to the bottom of the issue we had.

My husband explained to him the situation and Hilmar was willing to assist and to rectify the mistakes others had made.

Service truly a Emotion to Hilmar and he is very passionate in making people feel, 1) Heard, 2) Satisfied.

Hilmar is truly an asset to the Nando's brand, and we shall ensure that he is commended for his passion for the Service Industry.

Thank you
  5th of Oct, 2010
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Tania & Gavin

Anything to ensure a Nando's guest (and Saffa) gets what they deserve. Glad i could be of assistance :)

Come around and lets meet upovera coffee or dessert :) Details as above


  11th of Dec, 2010
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Dear All,
here some informations i got today.
I m a regular customer of Nando`s in the Greens. I like the food and (till this day) the concept of Nando`s.
Even the home delivery service it was always good.
BUT...what i heard today made me very angry!!
The staff of Nando`s in the Greens have to work daily minimum 12 hours, without to get any payment for the overtime (btw..it is against the rules of U.A.E to do so) furthermore almost all of the staff would like to leave the company asap, because of the Manager there and his behavior.
Actually there`s one case, where a Lady from the Philippines after 3 years worked as a waiter, wants to leave Nando`s to start a new job in a other company. I saw her crying and asked her what`s wrong with her.
She explained me her problem.
Her previouse contract (incl. labor card, viza and so on) with Nando`s in the Greens is expired and as per the rules of U.A.E, she can leave Nando`s and start to work somewhere else where ever she wants.
The problem is the Manager of that branch in the Greens. He is trying to force her to stay there and to renew the contract. They signed already the letter of resignation (both the Lady and the Manager), but still the Manager is forcing her and telling her lies so that she have to stay there and work. His problem is the lack of staff, thats why he wants her to stay there.
That behavior of the Manager is inacceptable!!
I gave the Lady my phone number and will support her in that case.
I have some powerfull relatives here in the U.A.E. and until now (Thanks God) i never needed their help, but in that case i will call them and will aks them to help me/us.
Anyway...i wont visit any Nando`s anymore. Such a concept of modern slavery i wont support!!
I will inform all of my friends and relatives about and tell them not to go there anymore!

  23rd of Feb, 2011
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Dear Resad,
It is wonderful knowing that you are a regular customer at Nando's and a true peri-peri fan!
At Nando's, we have always cherished the values of pride, passion, integrity and family. Family being the most important of these, because we believe that it is the people behind Nando's that make it what it is.

We have a dedicated HR team who nurtures our staff and takes care of their professional & personal well being. The relationship that we share with our staff is extremely open and one with a lot of mutual respect. However, there always are instances of difference of opinions in an employee-employer relationship as is in all organizations - if you are a working professional, i am sure you are not alien to this fact.

With due respect to your empathy, Mr. Resad, we are deeply hurt that you did not clarify this matter with the concerned authorities before making such a strong opinion about the brand you love so much.

Needless to say, we look forward to greeting you again and we are sure you will enjoy your peri-peri experience as always

Yours Sincerely,
Sonam Eapen
Marketing Manager
Nando's UAE
Contact No: 050 9043431
  23rd of Feb, 2011
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I find it impossible to accept Mr. Eapen's response to H. Resad's entry on this thread. It is unacceptable in any developed country to allow a concern regarding one of their employees to be left without response in such a lengthy time lapse. 74 days? This qualifies as professional? I also found that Mr. Eapen's reply did not address the issues that H. Resad raised, and did not state any course of action to assist the Nando's in preventing employee turnover. What anyone can read in the above statement by Nando's Marketing Manager is a pure 'pro-Nando's' position with no relation to the matter initially brought to his attention. The Marketing Manager's reply is, in effect, a 'non-answer' - carefully worded to avoid ensuring any real commitment to the employee or the initial complaintant. Because of Mr. Eapen's lack of transparency on the issue, the reader can also quickly realize that this employee received no support in continuing their position. Sonam Eapen's response hid the real story behind the scenes - this employee has more than likely been terminated, and possibly forced to return to their home country because the matter was brought up here in a public forum. In any regard, with Mr. Eapen has displayed a complete lack of ability to resolve a matter that should have been addressed immediately without delay. Any business owner may have a great product to sell, (as Nando's does), but without employees in their respective places of business to sell and promote those products, the responsibility would then be left to the managers to do the work. Furthermore, if a good manager wishes his respective business to succeed, then they might perhaps place some value in the happiness of their staff greeting and serving the customers. (To win the customers, you must first win the staff). If our Marketing Manager had stayed out of this resolution, and actually had the correct Manager to address it, then perhaps he wouldn't look as incapable as he looks today. As for myself, I have been to the Nando's in Al Ghurair and found it very well run. I have deliberately stayed away from the Nando's in the Greens because of the sheer volume of bad publicity mentioned here in detail on this site. I believe others who are just as savvy are doing exactly the same thing. What a tremendous loss of revenue opportunity created by inept management! I wish only the best to the poor staff member who experienced this type of thuggery. H. Resad, please keep in contact with me via this thread to let me know the outcome of your assistance to that staff member. And to Sonam Eapen, I challenge you to provide a proper solution to all who continue to review this thread, to all who visit Nando's in The Greens(and elsewhere), and for that staff member who has been violated contrary to UAE Labour Laws. It would be nice to see a Manager who can represent Nando's positively, rather than hiding behind the name that represents quality. Shame on your lacklustre attitude!
  23rd of Feb, 2011
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Dear Mike1966

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Hilmar Venter, I have been in Nando's for over 14 years and in Nando's Uae for the last 2 1/2 years.

Now, I have taken over Nando's Greens since the beginning of Feb'11. I also oversee our outlets in Arabian Center & Newest addition in Marina Scape Mall.

I would like to apologise hereby if both you and H.Resad have been offended by my colleagues response, however I'm sure she meant it in the best possible way. Responding after 74 days, yes i understand your concern and thanks for your input, but we didn't see the relevance of responding as the matterwas dealt with accordingly and for the mere reason that it was an internal issue.

With regards to your statement about "all" the complaints on this thread, you will see that they were all dealt with in a professional manner and as quick as possible. I have personally dealt with the last one regarding a delivery that went wrong and even if i have to say so myself, got a tap on the shoulder from the guests themselves.

We try to please our guests in every possible way and go that extra mile to ensure that they experience that "WOW" feeling when dining with us or when ordering out.

If you don't mind, I would appreciate it if we could end this thread that was started by H.Resad, as i personally feel that this is a HR matter and is absolutely not professional at all to be discussed in such a manner on a public forum.

I hereby would like to make a closing statement regarding this : The girl that is being discussed here has indeed not been "fired", she resigned and as a matter of fact, left the company exactly 8 days after this thread was started by H.Resad. I don't feel that it is necessary to go into details, but she has gone over to another company here in Dubai.

Secondly, I hereby urge you to please feel free to come into any of the above mentioned stores and meet up with me over a cup of coffee/tea. Not to discuss this issue, but purely to meet you face to face. I have been managing staff/outlets etc for the better part of my life and can assure you, that I know how to manage a restaurant. We have always been treating our staff with the utmost respect and loyalty, just as they do towards us.

Please feel free to contact me on below mentioned details at any given time.

Yours sincerely

Hilmar Venter
Manager for & on behalf of Nando's UAE (The Greens/Marina/Arabian Center)
050 280 4138
  24th of Feb, 2011
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Thank you for a timely and necessary response to my points of view.
Firstly, you replied to me that "Responding after 74 days, yes i understand your concern and thanks for your input, but we didn't see the relevance of responding as the matterwas dealt with accordingly and for the mere reason that it was an internal issue." While that may be so, the negative feedback was still listed on this site. When a customer speaks out about something negative with a brand name attached to it, then a response is necessary to protect the reputation of said name. Claiming that an HR issue does not merit a timely response directly to the feedback leaves the readers with the impression that no resolutions were given to the problem. Hence, the problem remains in the eyes of the reader as unsettled. This is pure human logic and basic common sense in business.
Secondly, you replied 'With regards to your statement about "all" the complaints on this thread, you will see that they were all dealt with in a professional manner and as quick as possible." In almost all complaints, a response was given - for the complaint posted on 2008-12-26 by Mrs Helmy (Elsarha), a response was not given by the Manager of Nando's(The Greens) - it was given by Robin K as suggestion to Mrs Helmy (Elsarha). on 2010-01-13, Boela1 entered their disapproval of The Greens site of Nando's - no response from the management was recorded on the thread to this person. The situation changed when Tania v H voiced her views and you replied the same day. While that may be one out of all the negative feedback here on this thread against Nando's in the Greens, it certainly isn't 'all, ' is it? I have been a supporter of the Al Ghurair Nando's, whether I am here or back in my home country. However, I can't take your reply as justification that the negative feedback has done the restaurant's name any favours. Perhaps now that you are frequenting this site, you have discovered a new opportunity to better promote the changes within your establishment. I do hope so. As a final note to this posting, the thread may be requested to end. However, as long as it is entitled 'Nando's Dubai UAE, The Greens Branch Complaints - Poor Food, ' there will always be another person willing to speak out in a positive or negative light to this particular Nando's. And, as long as people use Google, it will forever come up in searches by those who wish to enjoy a Nando's experience. If you wish to have the thread closed, speak to the webmaster of this site.

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