Najm One / Majid Al Futtaim Financecredit collector is very rude

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Najm Credit Card could apply if your salary is 10, 000 AED (3, 000 USD) and they are providing you with 10, 000 AED limit.

First complaint-> credit card sellers will lie you that their card has many connections for promotion offers and so on. It is not true. Most of promotion they provided can be get with other cards or without any card. You could only get small benefits from services from their own company such as carrefour hyper market( but nowadays my club card giving better discount :) ) and vox cinema .

Second Complaint -> if debt collector call you, it doesn't matter how much your debt amount is, they will yell on you. Seriously even at first time, they will yell on you. They forget they are giving you service and they forget how much you could effort. Actually Najm card owners are earning more than their card limit every month. But they simply forgot you are customers.

Finally I understood that they are not bank, just like other finance service company, nothing more.

Apr 07, 2014
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  • Ah
      Oct 11, 2016

    I totally Agree for the Above complaint, they are very rude and using Indecent words makes you feel really bad also most of INDIAN's who talks that way, they will charge me double if not done payment at 10th of the month because they issue new statement but actully your receive the statment on 13th or 14th of the month

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  • Ze
      Jun 11, 2017

    Actually Najm Credit credit card is such a hassle which is unprecedented. they charge you sky high value of interest, by chance if you are late in paying your bill they charge you insane amount of money. It's card which holds ZERO benefit and mostly their agent lies when they are selling this card to you.

    Above All, their customer services deceives you in order to get their closing, When they call you for the payment, they literally yell at you like you OWN their money. They speak to you extremely obnoxiously and doesn't show any sign of respect regardless how big or small money you have to pay !! I highly advise to readers not to even consider to take their credit card as there are so many other hidden charges issues. Be safe

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  • Fr
      Sep 05, 2017

    Even I faced a similar issue with NAJM card.

    I intentionally reduced the credit limit of the card to an amount, so that I do not use the card beyond that amount.

    And unfortunately, I used the card in a situation whether the credit limit was breached by 10 AED. With any other card, the transaction will be rejected due to insufficient credit. However, NAJM honored the transaction and a day later they charged me AED 275 as penalty.

    Requested for a first time waiver since it was the first time. But the customer care executive was rude and did not even speak gently.

    I have never come across a card which allows me to use beyond the credit limit and without any intimation charge a huge penalty.

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  • Or
      Apr 03, 2018

    For peace of mind better to avoid this credit card ..

    They have charged me 90 AED plus tax on a 100 $ online transaction with FXCM UK..

    They consider it as cash withdrawal fee..

    That's outrageous and they refused to reverse the charge..

    When I asked them to close the card and paid 1 extra installment early

    on a 6 month balance transfer, they refused to close the card saying that if I pay

    early there is a charge of 100 AED to close the card ..

    I have submitted a written complaints to UAE central bank..

    Avoid them at any cost..

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  • Al
      Apr 08, 2018
    Best Best Advice

    Very bad experience with Najm cards. They dont listen to your problem and are only interested in applying fee and charges. Definitely stay away.

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  • Mo
      Jul 02, 2018

    They are cheating on customers, worst services. Not recommended at all

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  • Mi
      Apr 22, 2019

    @Mohamaad yes true

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  • Ja
      Aug 15, 2018

    najm is not good at all. when i got the card they gave me 12000 credit limit, i never missed my dues but after 3 months they decreased my limit to 8000 resulting to an over limit fee of 275. i dont want to pay 275 because its not my fault, they decreased my limit without informing me thats why it resulted to an over limit. after i called a lot of times all is settled, however, the following month they decreased again my limit to 6800 resulting again to an over limit, and it's like a dejavu, why are they doing that. whenever i asked the call center agents why, they are only answering that they don't know the reason because other department is handling those kind of matters, and after all was settled for the second time here comes the funny part. after 2 months, they did it again for the 3rd time but now they decreased it to 0 AED as in zero dirhams. they gave me a credit limit of ZERO, i've called the call center agent and asked why my limit is zero, they told me it's confidential and i laughed out loud when she said that don't worry because my card is still active, okayyy?? so what's the sense of the card being active with zero limit???, well at least for this time i don't have to pay the over limit fee. and again, i am paying my dues on time and i am not paying the minimum, i am paying the whole amount every month so i don't know their reason. anyhow, it's a good thing that it is in zero limit.

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  • Te
      Aug 15, 2018
    Najm ONE / Majid Al Futtaim Finance - credit card
    United Arab Emirates

    collection agent Mazher khan behaving very bad and abusing me and giving, me stress which is not allowed to him, he uses his power wrong way . kindly please tace stricky action this guy not one time many times he did. i am very tens and stress, he always bad behaving and abusing me and always ask me so many bad words . he use always police name

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  • Vy
      Feb 16, 2019

    @Tehseen1 Dear sir,

    i put one request on unblock my card ( until 1 month ) no update on najam side
    i am very disappoint

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  • Ja
      Sep 09, 2018
    Najm ONE / Majid Al Futtaim Finance - Customer care service long waiting.
    United Arab Emirates

    20 minutes waiting for customer care service. I lost all my AED 6. How do we will contact something is urgent.

    It's happened three times to me.

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  • Au
      Sep 10, 2018

    My card will be expire September 2018 and I been contact to Najm Customer service before end of August 2018, agent reply me that I will be receive new card before 1st week of September, today 11 September I didn't receive and u call again holding and waiting for 20 minutes to speak customer agent, really so bad and waste of my time,

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  • No
      Sep 19, 2018

    Najm Credit Card is a really bad credit card company! i have a silver card with them and requested to cancel it after a year, they offer me last June 2018 their new free for life credit card with the same benefits of my silver credit card and told them i will let them know once im back in Dubai on July. once im back i called them and requested that they can deliver the free for life card which was offer last June. Once i receive my card and receive the statement i was shock that there is an annual fee on it! up to theses date they haven't get back to me with their solution and keep promising someone will call me back (which until now no one bother to call me back).

    Their Customer service hot line is a nightmare for waiting more than 20 minutes every time you will call them!

    Tis company is really the worst credit card company!

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  • Vy
      Feb 16, 2019

    Dear sir,
    i put one request on unblock ny card before 1 month untill now my card status is block

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  •   Feb 16, 2019

    Pay your fvking debt you deadbeat.

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