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We have run a business for 19 yr now. The info on Mylife is false. It also hurts our business to make mylife a few bucks. I am ready to join a class action against this company. I have the money and time and I may just sue them myself. This company should have been taken down a long time ago and the owners incarcerated. I plan to go see a lawyer today and see what my options are. I had them take the site down months ago and threatend to sue. Now it is right back up ruining our business and reputation. Threatening to sue doesn't work. So now I am actually going to do it!

Jan 16, 2019
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  • Ja
      Mar 12, 2019
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    Bravo, I would join any lawsuit against these shysters, and the bad people who report erroneous data

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  • Am
      Aug 11, 2019

    Let me know when you are ready. I will go with you.

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  • Ba
      Aug 22, 2019

    Please let me know as well. I had them remove my profile once, it was put back up this time stating I had lawsuits and liens against me and a poor reputation. I had them remove it yesterday (I threatened legal action) but I am checking to see if they put it back up.

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