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I took your DNA test in March and the results showed surprising results that I had no spanish even though I knew my grandfather was protugese. I bought a test for my daughter and hers showed she had spanish (iberian). My curiosity was up so I decided to purchase a second my heritage DNA kit for myself in May . I just got the results and they are substantially different than my first my heritage DNA kit taken 2 months earlier. This time it shows I am spanish (iberian) but it also added new ethnicities that weren't on the first results (finish, greek, scandinavian and balkin) and removed some that were (italian).

Since I don't know which test results are accurate, I think I deserve a refund on both tests.

I have included results from both of my tests. Connie Harper & Marie Harper

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    Myheritage gave me a refund on one of my ethnicity tests. I took two tests and the first results were wrong so they rightfully refunded my money. I hope I can trust the results of the second one.

  • MyHeritage Customer Care's Response, Jun 26, 2017

    Dear Connie,

    I understand that you have noticed that your ethnicity estimate has changed and you are wondering why this is so.

    The reason for this is because the test you ordered two months earlier was estimated with an older model and after your new results came in, we soon after released a new Ethnicity Estimate model (0.95).
    We than updated your new Ethnicity Estimate to the newest model automatically while the older results gives you an option to view both versions of the model. After the initial launch of the Ethnicity Estimate, we have received feedback from our users that we were using to improve and refine our current algorithm. The main reason for this update is that we have recently added more ethnicities to our Ethnicity Estimate model and we now support 42 different ethnicities.

    DNA within Europe may be similar between people, so we are working on distinguishing the different types of ethnicities within Europe as more research is done. To estimate your ancestral ethnicity, MyHeritage compares your DNA with the DNA of people around the globe whose genetic ethnicity is known. We call these people the Founder Populations. Currently our genetic models are based on 42 ethnic groups around the world.
    But this will improve thanks to our Founder Population project, the largest study of this kind ever conducted.
    More than 5000 participants have been handpicked to serve as references for this project by virtue of their family trees exemplifying consistent ancestry from the same region or ethnicity for many generations. Our goal with this is to yield a rich DNA data set to allow everyone to distinguish a more accurate estimate.

    Determining one's ethnicity based on DNA is a relatively new field in genetics.
    Great advancements have been made in the past years, but there is much more to discover.
    MyHeritage will continue to work on adding new ethnicities and improving the Ethnicity Estimate, based on new scientific research and discoveries.

    Your feedback, refund request and experience overall is very important to us and I would like to personally assist you with any requests or questions you may have.

    Please e-mail me directly at rafael.[protected] from your registered e-mail address.

    Happy to help

Jun 25, 2017

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