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On Sept 30, 2017 I requested my $400 balance to be payed out via bitcoin.
Auto response email 'Please send a copy of your drivers license and credit card before we can process your request". No big deal, I make a quick scan to a pdf of the requested documents and submit them via email. Three days go by and I hear nothing. Go to their site and submit another request for payout. Auto response 'Please allow 24 hours to process your request' So once a day I request and once a day I am told to allow 24 hours. Send in direct emails asking for an update nothing. Weeks go by with no response to several mails and repeated failed attempts to request the money via website. I finally call customer service, friendly rep examines the record 'Well i'm not sure what happened but I will get this processed' Cool. Wait two days and no bitcoins show up. I log on to the site and my balance shows 0... hmmm maybe they just process slowly. Wait another day nothing. I call again, another rep 'Not sure what happened but my supervisor says they are transferring it and it should show up in 15 min. I wait a day and nothing. It is now Oct 21 (3 weeks in). I call again and calmly try to explain whats going on to the rep. Im put on hold for 15 min and suddenly cut off. I call again and again make my case, put on hold and the rep 'OK sir, please refresh your page and you should see your balance. Refresh and the 400 is back. WTF!? Sir i'm requesting a payout not depositing. 'Ah then you can just follow the payout process on the website' WHAT, i'm back where I started 3 weeks ago? So I ask him how long it will take. Well sir, it takes 3 business days for a payout, as its Saturday you should expect it around Wednesday.
No, apology for inconvenience, no explanation of why a simple bitcoin deposit has stymied them so.
[censor]. No doubt come Wednesday (5 days away) I again will have to go through this runaround
Im pissed now. For a business who's business is money they seem to do a piss poor job of managing it.

Derek Phelps MyBookie. ag Account ending in 8872

Oct 22, 2017

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