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Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that the Rs.14000.00 (Rupees Fourteen Thousand) which I made against the 50% advance to My Hub Travels in March 2018 is yet to be refunded. Till the time of receiving the advance payment, their office person Ms. Prerna was continuously in touch with me over calls and messages on Whats app, but the minute I completed the transfer of Rs.14000.00, I stopped getting any feedback on the bookings. The company did not even acknowledge the receipt of payment by email, and this was done only on Whats app.

Subsequently, when I called after 2 days, Mr.Rakesh demanded that I pay an additional Rs.6000.00, without which he could not proceed with the bookings, etc. He was adamant and after 2 days informed that he is willing to refund the entire advance amount of Rs.14000.00 within the next 7 working days. It is now more than 45 days, but I am still to receive my money. Whenever I have called, Mr.Rakesh has some excuse or the other. A few days back he said something about a wedding and very coolly told my husband "You will have to wait till 22nd April". One of his excuses was "Boss is in Chennai and hence cannot transfer payment or send cheque". And his new one is the best "Our Company's account has been blocked and hence we are unable to release payment to anyone" and that I will have to wait for some more time (I have read this same statement in one of the complaints on this forum)

I have now realised that this delay tactic is nothing but a way of cheating me. My Travel Hub is a fraud company and this is their fraudulent way of collecting money in the name of advance. After going through so many complaints, I now feel this way of collecting advance in the name of booking is their modus operandi and they are not really a travel agency of merit and this is their main revenue. Unfortunately, we did not go through the reviews of others properly before making this advance payment. Or else we wouldn't have fallen prey to this online fraud.

Through this complaint, I am now requesting this complaint forum to take up the case seriously with My Hub Travels and help us to get back our hard earned money. In fact, no hotels, tour companies, cab agencies should even deal with this company till they stop this online fraud of cheating people in the name of collecting 50% advance.

I hope this complaint forum would take suitable action against My Hub Travels.


  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • My Hub Travel Customer Care's Response, May 07, 2018

    Dear Deepa Mam,

    Please provide us some more time for refund the amount .

  • Updated by Ram Iyer, Jul 01, 2018

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    Dear Sir,

    I had made a complaint regarding non-refund of advance paid to My Hub Travels. The company had requested for time. It is almost 2 months since I have complained, but I am yet to receive the Advance amount of Rs.14000.00. Suddenly I find that the company claims that their customer care tried everything to contact me, but according to me, Mr.Rakesh had contacted only once and pleaded for more time. How much more time does this company need, is my question? This is nothing but deliberate cheating by sweet talking customers to cough up money claiming this as 50% advance amount.

    As I can see from the ocean of complaints against MY HUB TRAVELS, I understand that this company is only cheating people all the time. It is time someone takes up this and bar the company from dealing in this manner.

    Could you please be kind enough to let me know what is to be done now? Do I need to proceed legally through the consumer court or through normal legal procedure from the designated court? Kindly let me have a line in reply to enable me to proceed further in the matter.

    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely,

    Deepa Iyer

  • Updated by Ram Iyer, Jul 02, 2018

    The company states that they have resolved the matter. How? Did they refund our money?

    The matter has not been resolved till date. No. 1 cheaters they are. My Hub Travels has been doing this since very long. All the while they have been escaping I think, that's why they have gathered so much guts to go on cheating more and more people every day.

    It's time this takes cognizance of all the complaints and takes preventive measures in order to save the gullible who when spoken to very sweetly, for instance like the staff of My Hub Travels does.

    Deepa Iyer

May 01, 2018
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  •   May 04, 2018

    There are No description of service:
    reservation number / eticke tnumber
    flight / route or hotel
    passenger name

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  • Ra
      Jul 01, 2018

    @Complainant20091 Dear Sir,

    I have given all details pertaining to making the payment, trip details etc. in my earlier complaint. For your kind reference I am once again giving all details.
    I had booked a 5N/6D package (3N Gangtok, 1N Lachung & 1N Bagdogra with hotel, b/f & dinner, land to land all sightseeing) for 29000/- with your company for which an online payment of Rs. 14000/ was made on 23 March 2018 against the 50% advance. This was all finalised after talking to Ms. Prerna, Mr. Rakesh of your Company. After making the payment, you did not give any confirmation of the booking. On my continuous follow up through calls and Whatsapp, Mr. Rakesh of your Company said that I need to make more payment. On failing to honoring the commitment of booking, Mr. Rakesh said that he will refund the full payment within 7 days. Till date this is pending. It is more than 3 and a half months now.

    Kindly let me know how much more time do I give MY Hub Travels.

    I see that subsequent to my making the complaint, there are hell of a lot of more similar complaints cropped up. I had even written in my earlier complaint that the modus operandi of My Hub travels is to cheat people by collecting advance.

    Awaiting your early response.


    Deepa Iyer

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  •   Jul 03, 2018

    @Ram Iyer Mrs Deepa Iyer;
    You misunderstood due to lack of my status in my previous complaint.
    I am not asssociated with this agent or any other agent.
    I am a legal professional in the civil aviation industry.

    You wrote public post.
    In order to undertsand the detailes, the professional reader must see the details which
    I just mentioned in my previous post, and which were absent in your text.

    In brief, you faced with typical commercial fraud against yourself.
    If you have not received money 9refund) within 15 days following your very first writtemn/oral demand,
    the agent will refund never.

    There are 2 options for you to get money.

    1. In criminal case: you need to submit as a victiom. It is your responsibility to prove the crime.
    Benefit: you do not need to pay the government fee for the submission of the civil claim.
    1.1.Starting point: you need to subsmit claim to the police with all evidences of the crime.
    But I know the style of the reaction of Indian police .
    So if you will not get the decision of the office the procecutor (attorney) general in your favor,
    it means all attempts are uselss in the criminal matter.
    Such procedure can take 1 year for you in the very favouribale conditions.
    Obviosly, you do not know anything about how to prove the fraud in a criminal case.

    2. The civil matter in the Indian court.
    You need to pay government fees:
    from 2500Rs for each instance court.

    The advocates/lawyers which represent you will charge
    - approximately 56000Rs + 10000Rs = 16000 Rs in the very basic level of the lawyer of less than 5 years of experince
    It is good if the formal first decision will be in your favor in 1-1.5 years

    3. We can assist in the 3 option.
    There are customers courts in India
    The government fees from Rs 100 till Rs 400 maximum for one process.
    One process can last 1.5-3 years
    But you need to submit the complaint and other documents by yourslef by post to such court .
    And to reply to each request without the delay with each piece of an evidence.
    The only seriuos thing you must do is
    to appear before the customers court and to orally support your written claim.
    More over you can ask to examine the complaint in written procedure,
    but it is not the best option. As such option depends upon fairness/truthfullness of judges.

    We can assist you to prepare / to formulate and to arggue the written lgela complaint to customers court and give you simple instructions for wining your case.
    If you follow such instructins in full and you have enough patience,
    you will get a decision in your favor in 1.5-3 years.

    4. The other options to get rfund + remibursment are usless in such situations.

    manager for ICAO/IATA irregulations mattes,
    air.[protected] : for request with full name, city, country and copies of receipts /etickets only

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  •   Jul 03, 2018

    Our charges for
    1. preparation of the legal complaint to customers court
    2. the instructions (checklist in the form - to do and do not do),
    which you must follow in the India customers court is 7500Rs.
    You do not need to pay other charges normally.
    Other charges: from 3000Rs per 1 consultation / 1 submission (2 hours of work)
    after the cort is accepted your complaint, if you are unable to send your exact answer in written by yourself to the customers court .

    All paid amounts, losses and your morral sufferings, are normally rembursable via the final desicion of the court in your favor according to the Indian law.

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  •   Jul 03, 2018

    @Complainant20091 Also we can prepare your submission regarding commerical fraud to the police.
    But I m sure that following such first submission for filing the complaint
    you need to submit 2-4 complaints in addition in order to get the decision in your favor on the level of the attorney general India. As fraud is a crime which is subject to be proved in complecated means, fololwing each word.

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