Mutual Of Omahaonline account registration

I registered my account on Jan 6th 2017 and all input was accepted, I then tried to review my account, the account was not fully registered and provided incomplete status of my policy info. I called the customer service number and eventually was transferred to a very likable rep in Omaha. She looked into my account realized it was incomplete and contacted the tech support folks. The tech support folks also acknowledged that the account registration was not linked correctly in the system to my policy account info. They recommended having my account deleted and then re-registered and I agreed if that would correct the problem. The customer support rep then deleted my account and I have archived all the actions taken which were reported to me via email. I then attempted to re-register and the system would not accept my userid returning the error message that the userid was unavailable (same userid that I initially used). The customer support rep asked if I could attempt to re-register after 24 hours which would allow the system to completely purge my information. I agreed and have for the past 3 weeks attempted to re-register which always fails with the same error message, I attempted to enter a new userid by adding an additional character to the original userid I entered, this returns an error message username invalid. I have called repeatedly and no one wants to address the problem, they always suggest I enter a new userid, which is not an acceptable solution. The system database is holding my userid which should have been purged. I have asked repeatedly for tech support to purge my userid so that I may re-register and they refuse to purge my userid from the system. Please fix this discrepancy in your online account registration

Jan 23, 2017

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