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mumbai passport office / delay for new passport

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I had submitted my passport application form on 26th OCT, 2010 at Mumbai Passport office. After few (5-10) days of submission of application form, the police verification has been done and its has done one month back but when I checked my passport status at mumbai passport office website and fount status as: "Police Report is incomplete it is being examined". while Police verification at my local police station have completed and report have sent back to worli office with all details.

File Reference Number : B- [protected].

I went to worli passport office so many times, but no response. It still showing passport status is same as:"Police Report is incomplete it is being examined"

Please help me in getting my passport.

please do the needfull it very urgent

Thanks and Regards,
mob: [protected]

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  • Ra
      12th of Sep, 2011
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    ths is the fake passport chk it...h7957970

  • Am
      13th of Oct, 2011
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    hi my name is Amit Shetty and i have given my application last year for new passport the corrupted police has sent back my report thrice in spite of having all detail information i am losing hope towards government please help me i have missed many opportunity because of my local police station please help me.
    ( file no- A25869 )
    ( Email id-

    thanking you,
    yours truly,

    Mr Amit Shyam Shetty.

  • Ne
      4th of Jan, 2012
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    SO my passport(expiry in 2014) had only 3 blank pages left and I needed 3-4 visas for my 3 month trip. Hence decided to get a new booklet-
    This happened between 17/8/11 and 20/9/11(1 month period). I was suppose to fly out on 22/9/11.

    Day 1-Went to CID office to submit application. Submission failed because they required overseas address and visa proof.

    Day 2- CID office application submitted

    Day 3- Went to old passport office to apply for tatkal, application had not reached/not in system so was told to come on after 3 days

    Day 4- Old passport office tatkal application accepted, verification date given for cabin no. 6

    Day 5- Went for tatkal verification to cabin no.6. Sat for 35 mins before peon took receipt. Couldn’t find for 1.5 hrs, personally went up but was refused entry. Went down and sat for another 20 mins... went up again, entered without asking and asked for z category files. Madam sitting there took reference number and said to wait for some time. Waited another 35 mins. Went up again, said file COULD be in cabin no 4. Went to see madam in cabin 4. She said she approved it long time ago. Went up again... sent to another department on same floor. After 20 mins they concluded file could be in cabin no.2. Went with assistant there and he found the file there. Made me wait outside cabin no.2. After going in officer1 says I need a letter from VC issuing government official stating his position is equivalent to under-secretary and between a certain salary gap and my work will be done. Left passport office at 4 pm.
    NOTE: my brother’s application was passed with the same set of papers I had but I needed the extra letter. I met 2 different officers in cabin no.2 on different days. Officer1 and officer2.

    Day 6- Got letter from government official and went straight to cabin 2. After waiting in line officer2 says I should get my file via his assistant and go out and wait. I go out and give his assistant receipt to get file from cabin no2. We go in, officer2 says u need to see the officer in cabin no. 2a. Got sent to cabin no. 2a. There the sitting officer says that he has done everything and I need a letter from VC issuing government official. I showed him the new letter, so I was sent back to cabin no. 2. officer2 sitting there says the letter does not state that VC issuing government official is UPSC selected and government civil servant.(DUH! He became an officer only after he got selected by UPSC and if he is an officer selected by UPSC in THAT position OFCOURSE he is a civil servant of Government.) I call up VC issuing government official on his mobile and confirm. Cabin no.2 officer2 says NO I want it in writing and not hear it from the person concerned via phone.

    In the meantime local police come to my house for verification in the evening(not for tatkal).

    Day 7- (ganesh chatoorti) I go to my local police station for proof of verification and get it done.

    Day 8- Got a new letter stating everything from VC issuing government official so that finally my application is passed and I can get a dispatch date. Went straight to cabin no.2. Stood in line. One man had an argument with the policeman outside Regional Passport Officer’s(main guy) office. Policeman physically pushed the man some 10 meters and then after an argument insulted him in front of everyone. All people standing in-line outside cabin no3 started retaliating and cursing the policeman. Another man who had just come from America stared shouting for the policeman to be removed from office and cursing loudly. Policeman called for backup. All of them took the man concerned and man from America down, to take to nearby police station. In the meantime everyone starts discussing this. One man says there should be a complaint against the policeman. A teenager says not much can be done. I back up the teenager in saying it has been tried before. The policeman is standing near RPO office and listening. The two taken downstairs come back again saying they were told to go to police station in cab which they have to pay. Demanded for their rights. In meantime, cabin no2 assistant brings my file out and says to me to stand in the cabin no 3 queue. After 10 mins more policemen from police station along-with an inspector come to sort out situation. The concerned policeman starts pointing out fingers to- main guy with fight, American return guy and myself(who now was standing in the cabin no3 line). After being pulled out of line the concerned policeman tells the situation to his superior. Then they hear our side of the situation. Next we are taken to cabin no3. Inspector says in Marathi(as if we don’t understand) that we are the ones to blame and that if the officer doesn’t mind he will take all of us to police station and that he will write down on report based on what the concerned policeman told him. I kept saying that I was not involved and that there was no reason I was being dragged into this. The reply was- our man pointed you out so you are coming. All the way to police station I kept asking why I was being taken and that I had done nothing wrong or gotten involved in the mess. In the police station, after a whole bit of “I am listening to all three of you with both my ears open but you three are still to blame and you say the policeman physically assaulted you but he says three of you did too verbally so a report against you is to be made” for 1.5 hrs, a report against the man who had the initial fight and an apology letter from the other two were issued. So finally after 2.5 hrs of nothingness without a letter from me or a report against me I was let go with the other two. Went back to old passport office to cabin no. 3. Assistant got my file. Went in, officer in cabin no.3 says your VC has not been signed by cabin no2 sir so was sent back to cabin no2. Before I entered the policeman outside GPO passes me by. Passing by says “What?” in Marathi. I reply asking “What Happened?” in Hindi. He replies in Hindi “Nothing” and enters cabin no.2 . Around 2 mins after his departure I am called into cabin no.2. Officer2 says Your VC letter only states that you lived in abroad in-between this period but your overseas address is not mentioned. So I am asked to get new VC letter from the same government official for tatkal. In passing he also says that why do you get involved in ‘such’ matters to which I replied that I wasn’t actually involved in that matter. So he sends me packing once more to get more letters.

    Day 9- I take my letters straight to cabin no.2 again wait in line and finally reach officer2. He tells me, tatkal period is over(14 calendar days from application). I say sir I have been coming all these days and you know my application was in order, just the extra letters that was needed by you. He says he cant do anything, system wont accept. Now in my mind I was getting irritated. Asked to meet GPO (at this point the GPO was in training/holiday for a month and officer from cabin no.3 took his place). officer2 says no. I asked y? He asked y u want to? I said because he may be able to understand/resolve my situation. Said no. I said all I need is your sign so that the assistant can let me in the main office. Flat refused being stubborn about it and threw a tantrum. I gave up and left. So much for helping Indians!!

    Day 10- Went again to see officer now in the main cabin, had to first stand in-line of cabin no. 4 to get a note stating that I can see the GPO. After talking to the madam, who was really helpful, she said my file was cleared and that I can see GPO. Took my letter to see GPO. After endless wait-time I was called in. He had one look at my application online without asking why I was there and said the status showed “police verification not done” said to me that if my CID clearance is done he can grant me my passport otherwise nothing can be done.

    Following next few days spent going to my local police station and CID office near Crawford market to get my police verification cleared.
    After everything done and got an Ok from Inspector in charge, CID office(they too had made a mistake in my status report so my report was sent back to local police station to correct it and then back to CID office)
    I went to passport office again.

    Day 11 and 12- Went to meet shah again so went to cabin no2 again to get s request note to see GPO. Officer1 was back and was kind this time; he looked up my application online it still had police verification incomplete. I explained him everything and also told him after CID verification i still hadn’t got my passport approval. He said I should see shah and explain him everything and there should be no problem. Also i had to get a note from counter no 22 stating my file no. So that i could visit the GPO again! So i went to see GPO again and when he looked up he got the same status. He told me to get my file approved from cabin no. 4 and then he could do something about it. I got so frustrated that finally i caught hold of an officer from CID who in the passport office and requested him to help me. He had a look at my file and he then told me that because I was staying out of India for so long my police verification was coming as incomplete( as I was not in India for a whole complete year ) he had one more case like that, and this person was also in the same situation. He then took us with him to cabin no4 and explained the situation. The madam seeing me was surprised I was still around waiting for my passport. She called for my file and wrote a long and explicit note to GPO to grant me a passport. I then waited for 2 hrs outside GPO's cabin after which finally the peon comes out and says my passport has been granted and I shall receive it within 3 days. I took his word for it and went home.

    FINALLY, Got my new passport on 20th sept 2011 after spending around Rs 3000 in tatkal and traveling(cost extra) for a month to get an Indian passport being an Indian citizen since birth and finally my trip was curtailed and I got only one visa (what was the whole point of applying for a new booklet then!??)

    Ps- left out minute details and loop holes which would further embarrass the old Passport office workings and ethics!

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