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Houston Passport AgencyIncompetent Supervisor



I came here to get a passport for my daughter. To get a passport for a minor, you must have both parents present or a notarized form from the missing parent or a court order stating that you have permission to obtain the minor's passport independently. Well, after weeks of trying every other possible approach, I was, regrettably, in category three.

After three hours of waiting, two employees, including "counter supervisor" Megan Coleman Stalder decided that they were more qualified to interpret an order signed by a JUDGE than the JUDGE who signed the order and decided that my JUDICIALLY ISSUED ORDER contained a travel restriction that would prevent them from issuing the child's passport.

What?? How and why would a county judge attempt to restrict the STATE DEPARTMENT'S business? On what planet?? And why is a counter processor with a bachelor's degree trying to make legal analyses of documents?

At this three-hours-later, we were at risk of missing my daughter's swim lesson, so I kindly advised Megan that her services were no longer required and asked her to return my daughter's birth certificate. This woman told me sit down while she "got the documents together" and threatened to call security on me! I could SEE the birth certificate in her HAND. She then sat on the phone and tapped away at the computer for twenty full minutes--essentially holding us hostage via birth certificate--while she went grasping at straws trying to prove her Clown College of Law interpretation of the order correct. It was a new level of petty.

When she finally returned to the window to return the documents--again, twenty minutes later, she attempted to talk at me for a good two minutes while I repeatedly emphasized that I was only requesting the return of the documents as my daughter was late to a previously scheduled appointment.

It was horrendous and unprofessional.

While there, I also overheard a gentleman complain that he had MISSED HIS FLIGHT ABROAD they were so late returning his passport and another gentleman complain that he was sent away the previous day because his passport photo was paper-clipped rather than stapled to his application.

You can't make this type of stuff up, people.

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    US Passport Officepassport

    I got a letter from the passport office today telling me that: Thank you for recent passport application. The evidence of your birth occurred, and the US citizenship or nationality you submitted is not acceptable for passport purposes for the following reason: the certificate shows that your birth was recorded more than one year after your birth occurred, and the evidence used to create the delayed birth record is not sufficient. And they go on to say please submit a certified birth certificate, for the birth certificate to be acceptable, is must—–
    1 be issued by the office of vital statistics of the state, county, or city where your birth occurred
    2 show your full name at birth
    3 indicate your date and place of birth
    4 list the full names of your parents
    5 bear the embossed, impressed, multi-colored, or raised seal and signature of the issuing authority, and indicate a registration or file date that is within one year of your birth.

    I wrote back saying—To whom it may concern; I’m so totally confused, Basically why would I need and delayed certificate of birth if I had a birth certificate within one year of my birth, I called and the passport lady customer services department and was also confused. It is not my fault that my parents were so irresponsible, but they were native Americans and did not trust the U.S. Government.
    I was born in the back seat of a car on the Fort Apache Reservation, I have contacted the reservation but they only record births of tribal members.
    I was born 6 weeks early and my parents ‘thought that I would die so the a priest came to baptized me, I have contacted the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gallup but because the baptism happen so long ago and the speed of which it was done that they no longer have these records, but I do have my mother’s family bible showing my birth.
    My mother was born on the Big Cypress Reservation in Florida on 6/6/1940 and had ran off with my father at 14 years of age. My father was born in the Alberta Canada in the Northwest Territories on 5/15/1923, both of my parents were Native American. My father had me home schooled because we never stayed in one place long.
    I became pregnant at 19 years old and was kick out of the house and all communication was cut off, I have tried for years to locate them but to no avail, I have not seen or heard from them in 39 years and I doubt that they are alive
    I have scan and sending copies from my mother’s family bible and I’m sending you certified copies of my children’s birth certificates as well, So please send them back when you no longer need them.——-
    This is not right the way they (passport office) treat people who have no control of what their parents do or do not do. If there is help for people in my situation please help. I live day by day and I 59 years old. Please help

    Additional information I gave them my marriage licenses-- a letter from a woman that was there at my birth notarized.

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      US PassportDELAYED

      I have had 3 previous passports issued now I sent for a renewal Nov 1st 2012 Expedited on Feb 15th after going to my congressman for help I received a letter requesting additional IDENTIFICATION I have submittedd additional evidence as requested. April 22 2013 I went to my congressman's office again and now today April 30 was told I still need to submitted more ID. I have sent last us passport issued cert. Birth certificate marriage cert divorce cert. School records cert copy of DL and SS Card. Every time congress inquire s about it I get ADDITIONAL INFORMATION NEEDED this sounds like BS. It been 6 months I don't know what to do anymore.

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        • Belleville May 01, 2013

          .Every time congress inquire s about it I get ADDITIONAL INFORMATION NEEDED this sounds like BS. It been 6 months I don't know what to do anymore.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Houston Passport AgencyLost Document

        I applied for a passport shortly after I became a citizen on March 2011. I received my passport in 10 days but my certificate of citizenship wasn't included. After contacting Houston passport agency numerous times I found out that agency had lost my citizenship certificate. I submitted a complaint letter to Office of Field Operation and explained my situation. I recieved a call several days after from Houston passport agency. They apoligized and agreed to compensate me 345 dollars for getting another certificate from Citizenship office. That was back in August 2011. As of today March 14 2012 I haven't received anything from passport agency. I have left several messages for Houston passport office but not once they have called me back. Director of Houston passport office is Eric Botts and he wrote to me in his letter that I can contact him directly if I have any questions but he never answers calls or resposnds to my messages. I just wanted to write this here to let readers know what kind of service passport agency is providing for its customers.

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          US Passport[protected]@live.​com is scammer

          [protected]@live.​com is a scammer...!!
          I have already sent money as upfront but he needs more money without showing anything..
          He told me our deal is changed without any notice...too poor !!
          Be careful him anybody...!!

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            usa passportneed more identifying documentation

            I applied for a us passport 4 months ago and all I got was a letter asking me for more identifying documents since my drivers license is not enough proof of who I am so they said. I even had my wife fill a form that proofs that she knows me for more than two years at the time of the application, any ways I think its ridiculous if they require all of that info they should just make a better us passport application and stop the games of harassing people with this kind of letters, now seven years ago i become a victim of identity theft and I'm sick and tired of sending documents of who i am, its being 4 months and i haven't got my birth certificate back no letter no call, i check the online status of my passport and still tells me that my book is being process.

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              • Ra
                RavenWolff Jul 29, 2012

                I have been reading about this problem a lot since I got the same supplemental worksheet. the news articles I found said :
                » All use of the current Supplemental Worksheet is in violation of the Paperwork Reduction Act.
                » Anyone who is given, or who has been given, the Supplemental Worksheet (or any other form without an OMB control number) has an absolute right to decline to provide any answers. They could also report the officer who gives them to form to the State Department Office of the Inspector General for violation of the Paperwork Reduction Act.
                » Absolutely no penalty (including denial of a passport, denial of permission to travel, or interference with the right to travel) can legally be imposed on anyone for declining to provide any information requested on the Supplemental Worksheet.

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              • Tj
                tjtex Dec 10, 2011

                The people at the State Department are total fools. They have standards that they give to the District Clerk's office stating what is required to apply. When you have sent in your money - that you can't get back - they send you a letter telling you that your documentation is not good enough even though you appeared, in person, and the clerk checked all your documents against the requirements and found that everything was in order according to the instructions they received from the Department of State.
                It would appear that the Department of State has forgotten who they work for.

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              • Go
                GoldOpals Opals May 15, 2011
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                Is this your first time applying for a US passport? A quick google search of US government websites has told me that if it is your first time, you actually need to apply in person.

                http://travel.state.gov/passport/get/first/first_830.html This site describe the process of applying for your first passport.
                "When applying for a U.S. passport in person, evidence of U.S. citizenship must be submitted with Form DS-11. All documentation submitted as citizenship evidence will be returned to you. These documents will be delivered with your newly issued U.S. passport or in a separate mailing."
                "When applying for a U.S. passport in person, acceptable identification must be presented at the time of application."

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              US Passport OfficeUS Passport office sucks, but we solved the problem!

              Our applications for renewal were sent in early March. My son's and mine got here, but my daughter's was denied because of a small headband in the photo - almost 2 months after sending it in. We called the number several times over a period of 3 weeks and got totally stonewalled. No answers, no phone number to find out, can't talk to anyone else, oh well sucks to be you attitude.<br />
              <br />
              After looking into canceling the trip (not an option - internet deal), it was suggested that we call our US Representative's office. Great idea!!! My wife called Richard Neal's office (he's not even the right one, LOL) and they were super-helpful. I called John Olver's office, same thing. Somehow they had the number to call, and called for us. Both offices called us back to say the passport would be expedited at no extra charge. That night we got a call from the US Passport office in So. Carolina to make sure they had the right address and to promise us prompt delivery. 2 days later we have a passport! <br />
              <br />
              Moral of the story is your passport customer service people couldn't care less whether or not you have to throw away a few thousand and cancel an important trip. But your US Representative can help, and will. Thank you, Richard Neal and John Over's offices. Pleasant people, and we got results.

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                • Je
                  Jerrid_120 Mar 26, 2012

                  I agree with you completely the Passport Agency SUCKS.

                  I applied for my application Early February (Feb. 6th) And they didn't even get started on it till the 13th. Then about a week later they said my Photo ID was invalid. So I sent the letter back with a better photo. Then about March 15th they now say my personal documents are not qualified. I heard by the website you need just your Birth Certificate and Photo Identification in order to receive a passport. Also bear in mind my travel date is the 31st of March. It's the last week and they said you can send it on a different service for about 60.00, however you cant upgrade a card if it's already in the system. They didnt state that on the website so that site is completely useless, and the email notification is even worse. I constantly get bombarded with useless and pointless emails statements on the government issues and their "Oh we are sorry it's not finished yet, we are working our best to get it to you in time." BLECH. Now I have to travel all the way to Chicago and grab my card in hand. I have thrown in about 300 dollars into the government from all their failures and over looks. 50 for the Card, 12.95 x2 for the Overnight shipping, 60 for the upgrade, and 45 for the different session so I get it in time when I go up. I swear I'm going to get back at the government for screwing me so hard and dragging me around.

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                • Jc
                  JcGreen Jul 12, 2011

                  The passport process is totally broken. The website info is out of date. The customer service is pathetic. It's a completely dysfunctional system/organization. It's actually shocking how bad the service reps are - and that there is seemingly no incentive for them to actually HELP anyone. The entire process has left me speechless, and to date, without a passport.

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                US Passport — I'm fed up!

                It has been over 3 months and no passport. Why? because someone screwed up my date of birth. No one called...

                US Passport — Expedited passport delay!

                I request a passport for my baby on April 18/2007 and they told me, i was going to received the passport on...

                US PassportDepressed and frustrated

                We applied for passports for my husband's kids so they could visit us on their summer vacation. With this delay, he will not be able to see them till next summer. After preparing for them for several months - we are very depressed and frustrated that we may not get to see them because of this f'd up passport situation.

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                  • Sa
                    sarri Jul 02, 2009

                    this is the goverment working for you, they dont give a fyilng f...k, I am renewing my passport, present my birth certificated, my social security card and the aplication. Guess what this guys send me a an additional application to fill up asking for my last jobs (20 years), my family personal info, the phone mumbers of my 25 year employers etc. and also en explanation of how I got my social security card can you beleived this, So welcome to the land of the free,

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                  • Gi
                    Gina Aug 22, 2007
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    I just got back from my second trip to the local US passport office (and finally have my passport in hand) and I am going to write what did and did not work for me so that others may benefit. Waiting up until 2 days until departure was stressful for me and my family .My desire is to help others avoid what I went through.I want to say one thing about this experience. It taught me that playing by the rules and following directions and doing what you are told to do (by representatives of our government in this case) may be the worse thing you can do. As you will read below, I did everything I was supposed to do. I did everything the State Department web site and the customer service representatives told me to do and in the end, when I arrived at the passport office I found out it had gotten me no closer to actually getting my passport than if I had done nothing at all. Keep my story in mind as YOU are told what to do and remember that rules are meant to be broken.

                    #1: Do not necessarily rely on information given to you by anyone-in my case I made 3 trips to local post offices for answers on what to include and none of the advice I received turned out to be correct. US passport Customer service reps may also be unreliable. I was told by one that the system was down and would not be working for 4 days.

                    #2: Immediately begin checking via email for yout "status" and print out confirmation when it finally comes up. Add your email address for contact purposes when you do the status check and keep track of all emails : both emails sent to you and by you.

                    #3:Do not wait until you are within 14 days from departure to make your automated appointment with the passport office. If you wait until that point you may find, as I did, that no appointments are available until well after your departure date. I did wait and the only appointment I was able to make was 4 days after my departure. So, go online and get that phone # and call at least 3 weeks prior so you can get a date several days prior to departure.(You may need to go back so give yourself wiggle room-it looks like it takes one visit to get passport applications to the surface so they can be finalized and a second visit to actually pick the finished document up)

                    Also-and this may not be true : a customer service rep. told me the appointment system is updated between 4a.m & 6a.m. each day. If you are unable to get an appointment in time it may help to call back early the next day. The reason I suspect this advice maybe untrue is I tried it and never found an earlier appointment.

                    #4: Writing local elected officials: I wrote local politicians for help. I began with emails as that seemed quickest and I was desperate. I was told you have to call or show up in person. It seems that emails get lost so talking directly to someone is best.It turns out that this effort ended up not helping me and it is not to be relied upon. Try your local council person, senator and so on-it maybe good to do simply so that elected officials know that scope of the problem and so that you can feel as if you have done everything you could to advocate for yourself. I personally think the high demand problem is going to go on for several months beyond the expected date and folks need to get the word out.But-I can not stress enough that you should NOT rely on them for help. You may find yourself without your passport if you do.

                    #5: WILLCALL: I have no idea what this magic word means but: after I had done everything the passport web sight requires-I called for my status, I emailed for it, and finally, at 72 hrs. to departure, we called and were told there was nothing we could do ... we asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor put us on the "WILLCALL" list and made an appointment for us that day. This is what worked for us. I hope it helps others.

                    #6: we did not rely on the US mail system.If you need your passport within the next 72 hrs. and can pick up your passport in person I would suggest you go. There is just too much that can happen -and the truth is there is no way you can accurately track things or control things once your passport enters the US postal system.

                    #7:As the new restrictions currently in place to help ease passport demand for those traveling to Mexico, Canada,Bermuda & the Caribbean require a drivers license and printed proof of one's passport application-I am more than a bit surprised that this has not resulted in lawsuits. Anyone who is disabled and therefore unable to drive and get a license is, in effect, discriminated against by this new requirement. As all other photo I.D. (learners pernit, non-drivers I.D. and so on)is state issued and therefore not valid-only people with drivers licenses are able to travel to Mexico , Caribbean, Bermuda and Canada if they have applied for but not yet gotten their passport. That leaves a huge segment of Americans unable to travel... I speak as someone who works with people with disabilities and who believes each of us should have the same rights and opportunities as Americans.

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                  US Passport OfficePassport delay!

                  I send my passport for renewal over 10 weeks ago and I was told that there was plenty of time for my scheduled travel abroad. I am supposed to leave today and still no passport. I made countless phone calls and countless e-mail, but no answer. Where are the congressmen to ask some question from the authorities. There has to be some accountability. Why people who answer the phone can not help? The rep on the phone just tells that she/he will send an e-mail to the passport processing office. I was told today that passport processing office does not answer e-mail of rep either.

                  I think the site to track passport and send e-mail is an insult to us since no one responds to the e-mails. The phone calls are worse since they can not help either.

                  I wish news media would take this news and embarrass the Visa office and the people who run it. Instead of Paris Hilton, they can report on real news. Who cares what Paris ate in jail.

                  In a meanwhile the airlines are winning since we have paid for tickets that can not be used and are non-refundable. This is an insult. Where are the elected people? Of course, taking vacation...

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                    • Di
                      divya gandhe Aug 25, 2011

                      I have applied for my new baby passport on May 4th and Police verification completed in july, so far i didnot receive my passport.I have been emailing passport office but no response and their telephone lines always busy and if it rings they will not pick.Is there any way so that my issue can be solved and i am in need of passport right now please make it as soon as possible.

                      Appreciate ur support

                      File no -HYD w604327

                      Thanks and Regards
                      G.Sri divya
                      Mobile - [protected]
                      Email - [email protected]

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                    US Passport OfficePassport not sent on time

                    I applied for a passport for my 15 year old daughter on March 08 to have it by May 24, 2007. My daughter did not travel to Europe as planned because her passport did not arrived on time. They had all the information, day of travel, birth certificate and her old passport but they spelled her last name incorrectly, they noticed this 2 days prior the day of travel. Passport arrived 4 days later. I loose the money and she loose the experience of traveling to Spain and France with us and her grandparents. I need information to pursue a legal action.

                    International Flights charges a penalty fee $200.00 plus the difference in air fee. Air flights don't care that you had problems with the passport department and you did not get your passport on time.

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                      US PassportPoor service!

                      I am a student, studying aboard, applied for a passport in Feb to have it by June and still haven't gotten mine. I took out a loan of 6,000 to pay for my trip and refund date was in March. Now I am going to be in debt for a trip I was never able to go on all because of the service at the US Department of State. They are absolutely ridiculous. I applied in Feb to get my passport within 10 weeks. Why should I loose 6,000 dollars, 6 school credits, and an experience of a lifetime all because the passport agency cannot get their ### together? I am looking to take legal action.

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                        • El
                          elnoraJackson Dec 31, 2015

                          The passport office in my city is appointment only. I've been trying to get a appointment for two weeks. Someone from the passort office keeps leaving me a message saying if I still need a appointment for my son to call them back. I can't get anyone on the phone with the scheduling office. This ridiculous!

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                        • Me
                          melford webster Feb 15, 2011
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          been waiting for my passport over 2 years

                          0 Votes
                        • He
                          Henry Johnson Jul 27, 2007
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          I have been waiting for the passport for my daughter (16 months old now). And, it's been 4 months since the application. Even if she gets the passport now, the length of time waiting for her passport would be about one fourth of the time she has lived in this world. Gee, I could really see how important this document is!
                          When we applied, we were told we have plenty of time. And, now, we already postponed our trip to China once. Looks like we need to postpone again.

                          I tried to be as neutral as possible when looking at this mess. But, I was disappointed again and again. I feel totally helpless. And, I really do not know how to reconcile this with the reputation of America being a place of efficiency.

                          0 Votes
                        • Mi
                          Miserable Jul 26, 2007
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          My wife and son applied for passports more than 4 months before our trip to Rome. They're supposed to leave this week but have been told that the passports will likely not arrive in time, even though they've been classified as "urgent status." And the Manhattan office isn't taking appointments to expedite. A trip we've been planning for 9 months might not happen, and we'll be out over $2,500 in plane tickets. As if one needed another reason to be disgusted with the US government.

                          0 Votes
                        • Ze
                          zeshaz Jul 19, 2007

                          Totally agree that tickets should not be bought before getting the passport. However, if you do not have the tickets to show that you are going to travel within 14 days, they are not gonna process your application and they would not even want to talk to you. So, better off not traveling outside the US and not knowing what's going on in the other part of the world. This is a great attitude towards the American dream...

                          0 Votes
                        • Br
                          Brittany Jul 18, 2007
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          It is not Department of States problem you people purchase your tickets and then decide to apply for a passport. It makes more sense to perhaps have your passport and then buy your ticket? That may be the smart approach. DOS is not sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for you to apply for your damn passport nor do they care when you are traveling when you and every other stupid damn citizen in this country think the world revolves around you. It is not a product that you can go purchase at a mall... it is a government travel document that the government has the right to not issue and even revoke. It is a travel privilege. Its amazing how you all will dish out $6,000 on a trip not knowing if you will even get your $97 passport in time or not.

                          -2 Votes

                        US Passport — Passport delay

                        Applied in March for a passport for a June travel. Countless phone calls and e-mails. And still the passport...

                        US Passport OfficeMaura Harty can't run Passport Office

                        My fiancé Katherine has been waiting for her passport for over 10 weeks. We are supposed to leave for our honeymoon on June 18, but it doesn't look like we will be able to go because of the passport chaos. She has tried to call the number posted on the State Dept. passport website, but it just says that the call volume is so high that she can't be helped, then it hangs up. She then went down to the passport office in Washington D.C. and it was utter chaos. She waited in line for over 5 hours. Some people where there from the day before. When she finally was helped she met with someone who said that her passport is in New Hampshire, but she can only E-mail the facility to ask them to send it. There was no phone call to the facility, no contact phone number or E-mail for Katherine, no type of accountability for getting the passport in time. We are hopeless at this point.

                        Katherine is going to go to the Passport office again. There are lines out of the door. Somebody needs to be held accountable and I think it should be Maura Harty, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Consular Affairs. She is in charge of this and it has become a large mess. Any help or attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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                          US Passport — Delay of US passport

                          Can we take legal actions against the us department of transportation? Applied for passport in march, paid...

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