Multichoice / unauthorised subscription charges

Cape Town, South Africa

Maria Pelser
Dstv Ref number for complaint : [protected]/I11

September 2014 i cancelled my Dstv subscription due to the fact that i moved in with someone that had a Dstv and i did not need this anymore.
Spoke to Rebecca at Dstv 10/10/2014 she confirmed a credit was due for the amount R705.00, to me this contract ended as per my cancellation.
This morning 01 August 2016 i noted a deduction on my phone via notify me, for a deduction, amount R794.00 and by M-Choice, was not sure who this was, went to the bank they confirmed it was Multi- Choice to my shock,

Immediately phoned Multi-Choice, spoke to Moses Tjale, confirmed that my subscription had been reactivated, to my total shock as i know that my Dstv decoder had not been plugged in since September 2014, he stated that someone reactivated online, i can assure you it was not by me, i can be called in for a lie detector test as i am telling the truth my decoder and my Tv is still in a garage stored, they can trace where and by who the subscription was activated, i would like to get a full report from this as i had not done the reactivation request,

Moses stated but someone else could do this on my behalf, not true my account is linked to my decoder and my smart card nobody can do this as they will have no machine with this smart card to make use of the Dstv services, this is a inside doing at Dstv,

Today 01/08/2016 instructed my bank to stop this stop order with immediate effect, went to the Police Station made an affidavit that i had not since September 2014 made use of the Dstv service, i am requesting them to refund all monies due to me, if this matter is not solved, will make a case of theft against Multi-Choice, will take this matter to Court if you are unable to help resolve this matter.

Thank you for your assistance in this regard,

Maria Pelser
e-mail : [protected]
cell : [protected]

Aug 01, 2016

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