Multichoice / reconnection fee scam

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I've been a Multichoice customer for 3 years, and for a company who's been around for 25+ years to make such customer service blunders is beyond me.
My monthly service fee was due on Sunday the 28th of October. On Monday the 29th of October I made my full service fee payment using 1 of the payment methods noted on their website. I enjoyed my full premium subscription with extra view and HD (a whopping R655 pm) for the whole of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday morning I'm informed via their call centre that my account has been suspended and I need to pay a R50 reconnection fee! They've suspended my account 2 days after it had been settled in full?? On questioning this, I'm instructed that it is because I didn't make payment by Sunday.
Even if I ignore the fact that they don't accept debit orders from my bank, even if I ignore my personal beliefs that one shall not to do any work or financial transactions on the day of the Lord, even if I ignore the fact that I've been a loyal customer for 3years, even if I ignore the Consumer protection act that protects consumers of unjust charges, their actions still scream a lack of social responsibility, this from a provider "who cares"

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