Multichoiceprice lock - explora

We applied for the price lock option of 529.00 per month, however, this was explained insufficiently. First we had an endless struggle with finding an installer, after several call, dstv assigned an installer. Then we realized that the package information was communicated incorrectly, we then logged this on the 24th, delivery was done 22nd. This within the time period a consumer has to rightfully change or cancel a contract. After logging this the 24th it was explained that i can just downgrade to the 149.00 per month option and go back to our package, which was the extra. It was said due to the long weekend, someone will call me back the coming Tuesday, which never happened. I then called again. After calls up and down, on the 29th, got through to a department, saying this is impossible, i then said i want this cancelled immediately. on the 29th at 10.46 a lady called me back, stating this is no problem to downgrade as they don't want to loose the sale it will take 2-3 working days. I said in that case it is in order to process to downgrade. Two days passed, now already the 31st nothing has changed. I do call again, my phone bills now being excessively high, it was then noted on the system that a downgrade cannot be done, no communication to me as a client at all, after it was said this will be done. I then said i want this cancelled and that the service is the worst i have ever seen, absolutely disgusted. Then a gentleman by the name of Absolon, calls me, they will now do the downgrade. I said no thank you, i want this cancelled. He then said he will make the arrangements, which i have yet again had no no no no feedback on.
I find this ridiculous and very disturbing as this seems to be some form of playing on time scam to get clients stuck with this contract.
I want this cancelled and removed from my premises. I will stop this payment at the bank as i was in my rightful time period of 5 business days to have this matter resolved.
Due to your utter poor, shocking client service, this matter was not resolved to date, the 1st of April.
I will also appreciate it, if a person that knows what they are doing to get this resolved can contact me as soon as possible.
I am a very disgusted client, as seems one of thousands lately.

Apr 01, 2016

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