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We exchanged our "old PVR decoder" for the explora at Ariel and satellite Pretoria in August 2015 to use as the primary decoder, this was done on my Mothers account (Yvette v Rijswijk). We then wanted to connect our HD PVR decoder as the secondary decoder so we got a DSTV accredited installer to do the set up for us. The installer could not do the installation and said the HD PVR decoder was faulty and we should take the decoder in to Ariel and Satellite; they confirmed the decoder was faulty. They explained that they don't make the HD PVR decoders anymore so we could get a refurbished one or we need to get another explora as these were our only options.


In February I (Kaylee Jooste) took out the deal of R899 x24 months with the explora. My mother and I went to the Ariel and Satellite on 26th February to cancel my mothers subscription and do a change of ownership (the explora bought in August) to my name. We completed all the paperwork there and provided all supporting documents. They could not link the two explora decoders yet because the "explora on the deal" was not activated by that time. 


The Installers from Ariel and Satellite Pretoria came out and did the installation as part of the deal on the 27th February 2016. This was when this new explora was opened and activated for the 1st time by the installers. The Sunday evening the account was suspended due to no payment received (my debit order date is the 28th and because it was on a Sunday it was only going to go off on the Monday) so we did not have DSTV for a day. After the payment went off the DSTV was connected and working. The Wednesday evening we started getting the E48-32 error (There is no signal. This may be due to bad weather or a faulty connection in the installation). We spent hours on the phone with DSTV to try and fix the problem and escalated the problem to a supervisor, they informed us the explora decoder is faulty and we need to take it in to get a new one.


The following Saturday the 5th March we had to go back in to Ariel and Satellite with the brand new explora that was a week to get it exchanged it for a new one. We got home and connected the explora and it was working. A week later the same E48-32 error came up. We called DSTV again and they did the reset to factory default and it would still not work, they said again the explora decoder is faulty and we have to exchange it. I explained that we did it a week ago and the guy I spoke with said it might be that they gave us a refurbished explora where the hard drive was not set up correctly or done at all.


I called Ariel and Satellite Pretoria and spoke to the Manager at Multichoice I think his name was Reinhardt. I told him what DSTV call centre told us and I wanted to know how can they exchange my brand new explora that was a week old for a refurbished one? He said if is was a week old the system will not allow a consultant to give us a refurbished one. I said that I will not for a 2nd time go in to exchange this explora. He said he can see the installers will go out to us again tomorrow to check the installation and then if the decoder is faulty they will take the decoder and bring us a new one.


Saturday 26th March the installers were there and they said it is not the decoder the Smart LNB was faulty so they gave us a new one. The DSTV worked for about a week again and then the same E48-32 error was there again. Again I called DSTV call centre and they did all the reset to factory and still it was not working. Again we had to get the installers to come out.


The Installers came out again 9th April and the Smart LNB faulty, the installers did not have a Smart LNB so they took one we had at home and connected same, they are supposed to bring us one to replace ours tomorrow. The secondary decoder was working but the Primary decoder that's already been exchanged was faulty and we need to get is exchanged. I asked the installer if they can take the decoder and bring a new one and he said no we have to go in to Ariel and Satellite.


On Sunday evening we got once again the same E48-32 error to date the error is still there. Under Central information is shows the signal 80% and quality 100% and then is changed both to 0%. So we keep losing signal for some reason. We will be watching a channel and then all of a sudden the E48-32 error will be there then is stays there for a while and then it goes away.This is how it has been going on since the 1st installation 27th February.


I am quite fed up to say the least!


In between all of this we had problems with x-tra view, box office and catch up.


The strangest part off everything is that we stay in a complex and our neighbours right next doors dish is next to our and they have no problems.


I want someone to come out and test every DSTV connection we have set up and if they have to re-install everything that is what I expect!


I will not go to Ariel and Satellite one more time to "exchange a faulty explora", they can collect my "faulty explora" and bring a new one! Does DSTV not do quality checks on the decoders? This is not normal for a brand new decoder x3 times to be faulty.


I have waisted hours on the phone with the DSTV call centre on my own bill as they apparently can not call their Client's back!


I will NOT pay for this R899 deal for x24 months if this is the service and POOR quality of devices you provide! I will take this as far as court if I have to. I have been paying for something that has not been working as it should be working!


I would like a senior manager or even better the CEO of Multichoice to review my whole profile at Multichoice/DSTV, so that they can see all the calls made to the call centre and all the error's and issues I had to deal with.


Please also take note that there were problems and wrongly set up with my subscription on the Call centre side and the wrong debit order was deducted, I spent again an hour on the phone with them where they told me they will refund my money to date I have not received ANY refund!!!


I would suggest that you train your employees properly so that they don't make mistakes on customers profiles and mess with their money and debit orders.


My ID number is: [protected]


I would expect a call from a manager today.


My mobile is [protected]

Apr 13, 2016

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