MultiChoice Africa / DSTVyour service, or lack of, as it seems.

Simply put, we as customers pay too much to be denied access to many important events. I'm a sports fan and I was baffled when I got news that Dstv didn't have the right to broadcast the concluded Copa America football competition. This is a major footballing competition, but I let it go. Then I had also patiently waited for the NBA playoffs expecting the games to be broadcasted. But similarly, Dstv did not acquire the rights. I'm a busy person, I rarely spend hours in front of a TV set, I only take out time to watch specific sports and competitions. So what worth does Dstv have to me if something as huge the NBA isn't even broadcasted? I see one simple answer. And it is greed. Customer service should be your priority. Just bear it mind.

May 09, 2017

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