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Good day.

Dstv just phoned us now. As soon as we answered they dropped the call. I want my account sorted before the weekends ends. This is ridiculous. Since March were struggling. If this is not gonna be sorted before Monday I will take it further. I will not leave it. We must do without TV because incompetence. They probably phone and drop the call so they can say they tried to get hold of me but couldn't! Which is obviously not the truth! Phone me for real so we can sort this out.

  • Updated by stephan13, Nov 23, 2018

    Good Day.

    Problem started in March this year when I was forced to pay all my arrears to get my dish reconnected although I had a payment plan in place. I had to pay +- R6 000.00 to get it reconnected. I was given this amount by the consultant for all my arrears. The next month I was told to pay a R1 100.00 which I did the month after that I was told to pay R902.00 which I did, the month after that I was disconnecsted again. The reason for disconnection was that I was not sticking by my payment arrangement even though I settled it a couple months back. It seems like the arrears was settled but the arrangement was not cancelled on the system and DSTV expected me to keep on paying as arranged even though they have made me settled all my arrears a couple of months back. Get disconnected every month must phone every month and explain my story every month to different people. It is costing me a lot to phone every month as I need to hold for an half a hour per call. Every time I phone I get a different outstanding amount. I was told on one occasion that I am in front and I need only to pay R800.00 for the next month. The next month came I went to pay the R800.00 and the system showed I am owing more than R3 000.00. Every consultant says there is a problem because I have two accounts a residential and a price lock account and it need to be escalated to a manager or another department to recon my account and sort out the mess. Now I have been disconnected again and they refused to re-connect me. It seems like my one account shows paid up now and the other account shows arrears of R6 000.00 again. I admit not paying for the last 2 months as I am waiting for almost 6 months for somebody to contact me back from the billing department to sort out my account. It is impossible for the amounts to change every single month. For the last 2 days I have been promised that somebody will call me back but they refused to re-connect me and obviously know one has contacted me yet again. I think it is unfair for not reconnecting or coming back to us. We can not phone to sort our account out as their are no direct line to contact them. They just keep on telling us they have locked a call but up to know nobody has contact us back. I don't know how much money I spend in calls to the call centre to sort this out for something that is not my fault to begin with. I want this sorted out ASAP.

    Mr van Biljon
    Customer Number: [protected]

Nov 23, 2018

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