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Good morning

I am sending this email as I have actually reached the final stage of an irate customer.

Multichoice account number - [protected]

Last year towards the end of september some time my husband received a call from dstv advising about the special that they currently running at r699.00.
We accepted the offer, and our dstv was connected. At no given stage did the dstv agent (busisiwe) advise us that this special ends in november.

My husband contacted an agent on friday and she understood him and reconnected the dstv, the very next day (saturday) we noticed that our dstv was disconnected.

This is the part that makes me very, very upset as it has been happening the past two months. Listen very carefully to exactly how we feel as customers that are loyal and pay their account on time:

Firstly I am the person who pays the dstv account on my fnb app every month. I called dstv on saturday, 09 february 2019 around 07:00 and spoken to an agent by the name of bothshelo. I explained to her exactly how I feel. She then viewed our account and advised us that we are in arrears of an amount of zar382.00. I was very confused as I pay the installment amount that is sent to us via a message every month. She then advised me the reason for that amount is because the deal package we had taken in september 2018 ended in november 2018. I then advised her that no one told us that the deal ends in november, because lets be realistic why would we accept a deal that is only valid for two months??? She then advised me that a sms was sent to us advising of this outstanding amount that we need paid. Then my question was to her was that if I had paid my installment and only receive that message after I had paid my account, it will be obvious that its a system generated message and I would ignore it as I paid my installment amount that was sms'd to me. She then advised to me that the sms states I quote "thank you for your payment that we have received, however there is an outstanding amount of zar382.00 that needs to be paid". I was then baffled and advised her that I will contact mu husband which I then did. Attached is a screenshot of the sms that we receive every month of an installment amount, and they other screenshot is of the outstanding balance amount which does not state what botshelo advised me. This now made me pissed off to the max!!! The sms states I quote "your dstv account is due please pay zar382.00". I requested for the call details and agent details of who my husband had spoken to on 24 september 2018. She advised that the agents name was busiswe and the call was around 14:15. The email addresses that this email has been sent to is given by bothselo as I asked her for the complaints department details.

I then contacted the dstv call centre again that day and spoke to a gentlemen by the name of sello around 07:18 am. And asked to speak to botshelo, he advised that the call centre is rather large therefore he is unable to transfer me to her. At that given moment I was already exhausted, irate and wasted enough airtime. He asked me to please explain to him the situation in order to assist. I explained the whole situation to him. I requested to to hear the recording with busisiwe, I also asked him to reconnect my dstv account as I have an infant that watches the kiddies channels hence why we agreed to take the special offer in september. He advised that he cannot re connect it. I then advised him that I am a customer service supervisor for 12 years. Customer service is suppose to be the ideal key in a company. A supervisor can make that authority and I asked him to tell his supervisor to do so. He then said that his supervisor will reconnect it after calls are pulled and investigated. I was promised by sello that I would receive a call by the end of the day, it is now monday and I still haven't received a call!!! Which is absolutely pathetic service for such a well known company, considering how irate I already am. They just seem to be running away and ignoring the problem instead of solving it!

The third screenshot is off the facebook messenger conversation with dstv on sunday 10 february 2019. My husband advised them the exact samething, and they said they would investigate. Why was I false promised that I would receive a call on saturday? Why are we still receiving sms's that reflect an installment of r788.00 every months? Why were we not advised that this promotion or deal ends in november? You are too quick to disconnect our dstv before investigating and that makes me even more disgusted at this pathetic service. What kind of customer service is this?

Now I want all 03 calls to be pulled out to hear as I want you to hear every conversation. The conversation I request is the first. I want to hear it and then I can go forward with getting attorneys involved.

1. Busiswe call that was on the 24 sep 2019 @14:115

2. Bothshelo conversation with myself that was on saturday 09 february 2019 around 07:00 am

3. Sello conversation with myself that was on 09 february 2019 around 07:18

I will then take this up further with my attorneys about, false information given to customers, false promises given to customers and bad service of just going a head and disconnecting my dstv without having the decency to investigate! I want to also be reimbursed of all the airtime that my husband and myself have wasted on dstv!

I have attached all all the screenshots.

This email will be forwarded to all social medial including dstv on facebook and hello peter so that other customers can also view this experience. I actually feel heart sore for elderly customers/ customers that have been encountering this similar situation and is unaware know what to do going forward. Just remember a poor customer service experience always creates a negative impact on your business no matter how established it is... Companies delivering poor customer service lose customer loyalty, return business, profits, reputation and employees in the end.

I expect to be contacted asap

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV
MultiChoice Africa / DSTV
MultiChoice Africa / DSTV
MultiChoice Africa / DSTV


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      Feb 15, 2019

    I am currently in exactly the same situation. The promotion was offered to me in October which was subsequently loaded for me on 25 October 2018 and said it would run for six months. From 01 November i was paying the R699 but suddenly in Feb my service was disconnected. I have subsequently been re-activated and disconnected 3 times!!! Now they said the offer was valid until December 2018. That was not what the call centre agent told me... i am struggling to even get the Team Leaders to sort this problem out for me.
    I do not want to deal with the call centre agents. The team leaders are acting as middle men between me and the decision makers which is irritating me. They claim i cannot be put through to the escalations department.

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