[Resolved] MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / incorrect billing / very poor service

South Africa

Customer Number: [protected]
28/11/2016 - Contacted Multichoice online, in response to a SMS I received stating that I need to pay RR112.32 by 1 Dec 2016 or else my services would be disconnected.
29/11/2016 - Response from DSTV, Enquiry Reference Number:
8295794, stating that I did not pay enough for the annual fee.
I replied to this email & included the email from the agent on the 9 Mar 2016, who did the conversion to annual and could not explain the additional amounts I had to pay, where she stated that I was paid up until 31st March 2017 and my account had a zero balance: Enquiry Reference Number 7581105 . No one responded to this email.
14/01/2017 - My DSTV is disconnected for a second time now, as there is apparently an outstanding payment.

09/01/2017 - This after an agent responded 9 Jan, Enquiry Reference Number: 8295794, apologising and confirming that my account was not converted to annual payment, that this would be done and my services had been reconnected.
My DSTV was still disconnected after this and was only reconnected after I had to make 2 calls lasting 20 minutes in total.

This morning, my DSTV services is disconnected again, with error E16-4, with no warning this time.
Clearly, my account was not updated.

Could someone look into this and resolve the issue as soon as possible please?

Feb 2016 - Please start by reviewing my contact with you in February 2016 - the call was with an agent to resolve an issue with Xtraview.
During the call, I asked what the process was to change my account from monthly to annual payment – PLEASE REVIEW AND LISTEN TO THIS CALL.
In every contact with you thus far, this has been ignored.

26 Feb 2016 - Acting on the information given by your agent, I paid 1 (ONE) year’s subscription: DSTV at the old rate of R319 per month, plus Xtraview at the old rate of R80 per month, on the 26th Feb 2016, less 1 month which is free as part of your annual subscription deal.
I paid BEFORE the increase in tariffs, which means I should be charged at the rate of R319+R80 per month?
Why am I being charged at the increased rate?
Acting on the advice of your agent, I did not initiate further contact with you, to change my account to an annual subscription after my payment on the 26th Feb.

2 Mar 2016 - I contacted you on the 2nd of March to follow up, but no one replied to my email.
8 Mar 2016 - Only after sending a second email on the 8th, querying the non-response to my first email, was my account apparently changed to annual subscription, after I had to pay additional fees.
The agent could not tell me what this was for, just that the system generated it when my account was converted!
I was being charged for 8 days, as my account was only converted on the 8th? What was this charge?
She ignored my request that the annual payment be from 1 March 2016, as I paid before the 1st.
This despite the fact that I contacted you on the 2nd already to follow up on my annual payment.
This despite the fact that I paid on the 26th February already.
In fact, it looks as if I was charged extra, as I followed the advice of your agent.
My annual payment was for 1 Mar 2016 to 28 February 2017, not 1 April 2016 to 31 Mar 2017.

Could I have a reconciliation of my account please, with a detailed breakdown of payments from 1 February to date?
I would like to understand what I was charged for, what I paid and why additional payment was required then, and why it is required now.
I would also like to know why I have to pay the price for acting on the incorrect advice given by your agent.

Please contact me urgently.
I would like to understand what is going on and why I keep getting disconnected.

  • Resolution statement

    I had a very prompt response from Daniel Tshilombo, Multichoice Reply [#8295794], who gave me a detailed breakdown of my payments as I requested, which showed I owed R340, which has now been paid. Thank you

Jan 14, 2017

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