MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / extra view service

randburg, ZA

on the 21st of February I called into multi-choice to assist with down grading my package, big mistake for starters both my decoders lost signal on the same day, when I called back that evening was told all my settings were fine but my decoders were not working, eventually they were both working after being on the line for over 30minutes, the following morning my primary decoder was not working however my secondary was working I called in and the lady I spoke told me how check all my settings were fine once all that was done the lady told me the setting were fine, and the decoders were working on the 9th of march I received an sms stating my account had a balance of over R250.00 due multi choice, when I called in to inquire was told my decoders were getting charged separately and not as extra view I advised them the decoders were in the same house so how can they charge them on different accounts I didn't get response from them they just changed it back to extra view, when I got home my secondary decoder was not working again I called them and still complain was not resolved till today, no one from multi choice is helpful .

Mar 13, 2017

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