MultiChoice Africa / DSTVdstv catch up being down

K Nov 15, 2017

I purchased an Xplora to have the luxury of watching series at my convenience.

Today I coincidently see that a number of the series that I am following namely, Queen Sugar, Seal Team, Empire, Ray Donovan, etc are 2 or 3 episodes behind the regular scheduling.

I then notice a "Connect for more Catch Up Press Alt now" Fortune me to use data to access a benefit I should already have alternatively I must record all the Series like when I had an HD decoder.

NB: This is entrapment on the part of DSTV and is tantamount to price fixing in a very say manner! It seems DSTV is trying to cover the cost of their FINE and using this manner to fund their loss!!

This is unethical corporate behaviour!!

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